OS/390 and z/OS Freeware

by Lionel B. Dyck

Think inside the box with z/VM and Linux.

God Bless America

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Welcome to my website which I've dedicated to making available to the 'world' software that I've written over the years. Here you will find XMITIP, the OS/390 and z/OS E-Mail application (on the TCP/IP Tools page) and many other tools for OS/390 and z/OS. These tools are primarily written in REXX with a few Assembler programs.

My name is Lionel B. Dyck and I've been in systems programming since 1972 (starting with MVT 21.6 - remember IBM APARs delivered on punch cards) and have developed a number of tools over the years. I've created this site to (1) share useful code that I've developed and (2) to return a little back to the community of mainframe systems programmers from whom I've learned so much. I've gleaned code and knowledge from the MVT Tools Tapes (remember the Blue Berets?) to the current CBT Tape and a wealth of Web Sites. I hope my contributions here are helpful to others.

Note: If anyone is looking to hire someone with ISPF/REXX experience please contact me as I'm available for part time or short term projects. I'm also interested in a manager or supervisor position in an IT organization.

These files are being made available (without any warranty or guarantee). The software was working when it was uploaded and the author accepts bug reports, suggestions, comments, and occasional complaints.

If you are really adventurous you can check out my beta page - last updated >>> 10/04/08 <<<.

Site Change History

05/28/2016Update to XMITIP version 16.03. View changes to see the updates. Key change is to enable a default mail format (default is HTML).

Update to PLPISPF with many updates and improvements.

Update to FASTPATH with some cleanup and improvements.

Update to PRMCK.

Update to LOADISPF to fix a minor bug.

Addition of LSTPROC3 - a version of LSTPROC to support JES3.

Update to TSOTRAP with new command options (-E edit and -B browse)

Update to NEWS - an ISPF News dialog.

Addition of ZFSTOOLS - an ISPF dialog to assist in managing zFS filesystems

Addition of zSTART - an ISPF dialog to create/update the ZSTART ISPF variable.

Update to FTPBatch with cleanup of the generated JCL (thank you Bill Smith)

Addition of VCURSOR - an updated version of Doug Nadel's code with minor improvements.

Addition of VB2FB - an ISPF dialog to copy from FB to VB and VB to FB with truncation warning and sequence number corrections.

Added IEBPDSE - an ISPF dialog to invoke IBM's IEBPDSE utility.
12/28/2015Update to XMITIP version 15.12 (version if year and month of update so December 2015) to support  STARTTLS keyword in e-mail for a secure e-mail connection if using a SMTP server that supports it (e.g. CSSMTP, Sendmail).

Update to SDSFEXT to version 1.20 thanks to Bill Smith with many useful updates.
04/30/2015Update to LPRPRINT to add the lprcopy (copy count) variable to the ISPF profile pool (thanks to Peter Giles)


XMITIP version 10.10 with an update to correct a minor bug in removing nulls from text attachments which inadvertently converted x'F0F0' to x'F4F4' in rare situations.


Update of TXT2CSV version 0.05 (Text to CSV). Very minor update to remove a bug I accidentally introduced in 0.04


Update of TXT2CSV version 0.04 (Text to CSV). Now includes support for an * to define column locations, the ability to specify a character other than a , for the separator, and support to run under z/VM.


PRMCK has been updated with a minor update thanks to Willy Jensen to resolve an issue with APF DSNames that end with a period.


XMITIP version 10.08  See the history page for updates.

LSTPROC updated to 2.8 to change the #PROC.. to $PROC.. to enable use with the Spanish code page.


TXT2RTF updated to version 1.12. The same level as included in the XMITIP package.


XMITIP version 10.07 now posted with new minor updates and cleanup and a big FIX for use with z/OS 1.11 CSSMTP Server. See the history page for updates. Minor updates to the users guide and the installation guide.


XMITIP version 10.05 now posted with new minor updates and cleanup. See the history page for updates. Including the source for UDSMTP.

CAVXTRT updated to support CA-View 11.x.


XMITIP version 10.01 now posted with new minor updates and cleanup. See the history page for updates.  


XMITIP version 09.12 now posted with new minor updates and cleanup. See the history page for updates.  


Update to Leland Lucius' TXT2PDF with an update to resolve an issue with draw_string


Update to LSTPROC version 2.7 with minor updates by Hartmut.


Update to FTPBatch to version 1.223 with an update to support HFS files as input in lower case and a longer input (scrollable) field on the ISPF panel (thanks to Rick Turnbull)


Update to Leland Lucius' TXT2PDF with an update from Paul Gilmartin to enable using it under OMVS.


Update to TXT2PDF from Leland. This is probably his last update. Many changes. Updated user guide as well.


XMITIP version 09.03 now posted with new minor updates and cleanup. See the history page for updates.


Update to FTPBatch to version 1.222 with an update to detect additional failures on the remote submission.


Update to FTPBatch to version 1.221 with a minor update to the ISPF dialog for large files


XMITIP version 09.02a now posted with new minor updates and cleanup. See the history page for updates.


Update of TXT2CSV version 0.03 (Text to CSV)


Update to FTPBatch to version 1.220 with a minor update to improve PDSE support


XMITIP version 09.01 now posted with minor updates and cleanup. See the history page for updates.


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