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A very powerful ISPF dialog that simplifies the use of FTP (batch and foreground) for z/OS to z/OS or z/OS to anywhere.  Now including TLS support and a personal NETRC data set. Plus synchronize a local PDS with a remote PDS (not load modules) with remote compare. And now Get a PS/PDS from the remote site.

Updated 02/11/2023 - version 2.029

A simple to use single command to invoke OS/390 or z/OS FTP to transfer a file (sequential or pds member) to another OS/390, z/OS or other platform..

Added 05/21/2004 - version 1.0  


LDAPMail is a simple ISPF application that prompts for a user name, or name pattern, and then queries your LDAP server for the e-mail addresses for that name.

Updated 08/26/2003

NETRC ISPF dialog to manage a users NETRC dataset.

 Added 01/29/2021
Two ISPF Dialogs. LPRPRINT made easy and PSPRINT to convert the file to Postscript and then use LPRPRINT for printing.

Updated 0
SYNCFTP REXX to push PDS members changed in the last 'n' days to a remote FTP site. Requires the PDS command (CBT File 182).

Added 01/29/2021
A TSO Command to determine if there is any TSO Mail waiting to be RECEIVE'd by the current TSO Userid or a specified TSO Userid. Updated 4/05/2000

A useful TSO/E Mail ISPF Dialog for sending and receiving e-mail. Supports both IDTF and SMTP. For sending SMTP e-mail see XMITIP below.

Updated 4/11/2000 - version 2.54 (to add missing panels for log and nickname management)


A REXX exec to convert report files (text) to a comma separated value (CSV) file.

Version 1.0 Updated 07/03/2017


A REXX exec with optional ISPF front-end to convert a text report to HTML.


A REXX exec with ISPF front-end to convert text to Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Includes many formatting options and PDF encryption.

See the TXT2PDF Users Guide for more information.

Versions for z/VM and other platforms can be found at the web site of Leland Lucius: http://www.homerow.net and specifically http://homerow.net/rexx/txt2pdf/

Updated 12/02/2009


A REXX exec with optional ISPF front-end to convert a text report to Rich Text Format (RTF) which can be opened by Microsoft Word and other Word processors.

Updated 06/02/2016


Assembler Routine (from Mark Feldman) to perform MIME (Base64) Encoding. This routine was formerly used in XMITIP.

A very powerful SMTP mail generator for z/OS and OS/390 (batch and TSO). Supports file attachments as plain text, binary, or can convert files to html or rtf. Includes a very powerful ISPF dialog interface that simplifies the creation of SMTP mail from z/OS and OS/390. Now includes support for STARTTLS (Secure SMTP if using a SMTP server that supports STARTTLS like CSSMTP or Sendmail).

IMPORTANT: The TXT2PDF package is no longer included in the XMITIP distribution. If you wish to support Text-to-PDF conversion from XMITIP you will need to also download and install the TXT2PDF package (above).

See the XMITIP Overview and Change History for more information

Updated 03/25/2021 - version 21.03

New for XMITIP Users: Join the XMITIP Mutual Support Listserv at https://groups.io/g/xmitip


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