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Vista TN3270Tom Brennan's Excellent TN3270 package. This package is worth a try and then if you use it then you should register it (not expensive).
V FileViewerNEW V is an all-purpose File Manager for Windows with a powerful inbuilt text file viewer which excels at viewing files quickly - whether they are 100 bytes or 100 gigabytes.

It is an indispensable utility for anyone who spends much time navigating directories and viewing files.

PDF XChange ViewerA free replacement for the Adobe Acrobat Reader with many nice additions such as the ability to make comments and add sticky notes to any PDF.
XMIT ManagerWindows tool for working with files in TSO Transmit (XMIT) format.
SPFLiteA free ISPF Editor for the PC.
PuTTYVery useful Windows Telnet/SSH client (Free).
KiTTYVery useful Windows Telnet/SSH client based on the latest PuTTY release with additional very useful features (Free).
PrintKeyWindows Screen Capture (Free).
GreenShotOpen Source Windows Screen Capture (Free).
WinSCPWinSCP is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.
IP2Nice tool to report the local IP Address and Host and the WAN IP Address and Host.
FileZilla FTP Client and ServerFree, open source, FTP client and FTP Server
RegSeekerFree registry Cleaner.
VncVirtual Network Computing (vnc) - a GPL Remote desktop control and monitor tool. Windows and Linux.
QcheckFree network troubleshooting utility from Ixia, slices, dices, and checks network response time, throughput, and streaming performance. It even runs anywhere-to-anywhere traceroute!
JavaRaRemove all old versions of Java  (10/04/2008)
ZoomItGreat free tool from Microsoft for Windows. Useful in doing live presentations.  (11/30/2008)
JingFree desktop image capture with ability to capture a video (swf format) with audio of you desktop activity.  (12/02/2008)


Laptop DeskThis isn't exactly a free useful tool and it isn't software but if you like sitting in your lazy boy with your laptop then you'll want to check this out.




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