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XMITIP is an z/OS application written in z/OS REXX with an optional z/OS TSO ISPF front-end. In the package is full Users Guide (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, Microsoft Word, and RTF formats) and an Installation Guide (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and Microsoft Word).

XMITIP is designed to be an SMTP mailer package for use on z/OS in a TSO, TSO/ISPF, or Batch environment.

Check out Andy Robertson's page "How we set up SMTP and XMITIP using a non-standard code page" as well as for his XMITMAIL (for Batch) and XMITCICS which are more XMITIP lite and very usable.

When setting up the IBM SMTP Server take a look at this short write for some tips.

Note that XMITIP is an evolving tool that evolves in small increments based upon the comments and suggestions of its users.

Attention XMITIP Users: Join the XMITIP Mutual Support Listserv by sending an e-mail to XMITIP Listserv
for both support of XMITIP and all other packages that are hosted here.

If you are looking for the XMITIP Package click on this link to the TCP/IP Tools page.

Direct link to change history

Some of its capabilities are:

  1. Send messages to one or more recipients
  2. Send using CC and BCC addressing
  3. Specify both FROM and REPLY-TO addresses
  4. Send files as attachments
    1. plain text
    2. converted to Rich Text Format (RTF)
      1. supports ASA carriage control
    3. convert to HTML (very basic)
      1. includes support for background and text color specifications
    4. binary (no conversion of the data)
      1. use for ZIP files
    5. Convert files (1-4) and then ZIP using InfoZip, ISPZIP or PKZIP/MVS
    6. convert files to PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) readable using Acrobat
  5. Optional ISPF Dialog
    1. address book to select addressing from
    2. list of dataset for file attachment specifications

Sample XMITIP ISPF Panel:

----------------------------- E-Mail Dialog 5.46 ----------------------------
Command ===> 

To Address   ===>                                                             
CC Address   ===>                                                             
BCC Address  ===>                                                             
AddressFile  ===>                                                             
Subject      ===>                                                             
Message, DSN, *, ?  ===>                                                      
Edit Message DSN    ===>            Yes or No                                 
Attachment DSN or ? ===>                                                      
File Name in e-Mail ===>                                                      
Format (?=prompt)   ===>                                                      
         Settings   ===>            Yes or No                                 
Configuration File  ===>                                                      
Default Settings    ===>            Yes or No to set From, ReplyTo, etc.      
Delivery Settings   ===>            Yes or No (FollowUp, Import, Prior, Sens, 
                                               and Respond)                   
Execution Mode      ===> ISPF       I ISPF B Batch C Config P Prompt D Debug  

                 Field level help available via PF1                            

Sample Address Specifications ISPF Panel:

-------------------------  XMITIP E-Mail Address List  ------  Row 1 to 2 of 2 
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR  
 Commands:  Find Insert or Cancel                                              
or S Select B Blind Copy C Carbon Copy D Delete I Insert R Revise U Unselect   
Sel  Action   Recipients Name                                                  
              E-Mail Address                                                   
_             Lionel B. Dyck                                                   
_             Mary Jane                                           

Sample File Attachment Specifications ISPF Panel:

---------------------------  XMITIP File Attachment -------- Row 9 to 11 of 15 
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR  
 Commands: Find Insert Cancel or Clear                                         
 Line:     S Select  D Delete  I Insert  U unSelect  or overtype to change     
Sel   Dsname                                                                   
      Filename (that will appear in the e-mail)                                
      Format (of the file attachment - use ? for prompting)                    
      Description (of the file attachment - no blanks)                         
      Left   Right  Top   Bottom    (Margins in inches .5 =1/2 inch)           
_     AUTOEXEC.BATBIN______________________________________________            
      .6_    .6_    .6_    .6_                                                 
_     XMITIP.PDS(CHANGES)__________________________________________            
      .6_    .6_    .6_    .6_                                                 
_     XMITIP.PDS($DOC)_____________________________________________            

XMITIP Change History:

V18.05 - 2018-06-29
- exec updates
XMITIPSP - support blank records in MSGSTART/MSGEND

18.03 - 2018-03-28
- exec updates
XMITIP - Support &year-n, &year2-n, and &year4-n symbolics 

V17.09 - 2017-09-05
- exec updates
EDITMAIL - update to work with non-PDS datasets
XMITIP - Fix to correctly handle carriage control in text inputs

V16.11 - 2017-03-16
- exec updates
XMITIPCU - Change comment for SYSOUT_Class to remove reference
to JES3 (applies to JES2 as well)

V16.11 - 2016-11-15
- exec updates
XMITIP - Add MAILFMT keyword to override the XMITIPCU setting
- Bug fix from Barry Morton to fix a
problem if msgdd is empty.

V16.09 - 2016-09-21
- exec updates
XMITIP - Add SIZELIM keyword (not on any panel)

V16.06 - 2016-06-07
- exec updates
XMITIP - Update to sub_head to add confirm thanks to
Dana Mitchell

V16.04 - 2016-04-26
- asm/load updates
ENCODEXM is the new name for ENCODE64
- exec updates
XMITIP - Changed to call ENCODEXM instead of ENCODE64

 V16.03 - 2016-03-17
- exec updates
XMITIP - Add default mail format in config keyword is mailfmt
(now the default mail format for text is HTML)
XMITIPCU - Add new mailfmt configuration option
TESTCU - Support mailfmt configuration option
XMITIPI - Support mailfmt configuration option

V16.02 - 2016-02-23
- exec updates
XMITIP - Add unit to SYSUT1/2 allocations

 V15.12 - 2015-12-02
- exec updates
XMITIP - add TLS keyword and STARTTLS support
XMITIPI - updates for StartTLS
STARTTLS suggested and tested by Hoi Keung Tong
- Panel updates
XMITIP - add StartTLS for Delivery Settings
XMITIPYC - add for field level help for STARTTLS

V13.10 - 2013-10-18
- exec updates
XMITIP - Add &YEAR (same as &YEAR4)
- Fix null char removal (null to nullc)
Thanks to Marc Di Edwardo

V10.10 - 2010-10-10
- exec updates
  XMITIP  - Updated to resolve an issue where nulls were not correctly being removed from text attachments. Inadvertently x'F0F0' was being converted to x'F4F4' in rare situations.

V10.08 - 2010-08-07
- exec updates
  TESTCU - Updates to termcid Thanks to Hartmut
  TESTCUHT - Minor update - used to debug XMITIPCU
  XMITIP - Add day of week to DATE SMTP header record
  XMITIPCU - Correction for the tcp/ip socket code to prevent closing all sockets ** Thanks to Carol Samaras **

 V10.07 - 2010-07-07
- exec updates
  XMITIP - Correction to mail header alignment to resolve issues with the new z/OS CSSMTP server and other servers closely following the rfc
  XMITIPI - add sysname to the temp xmitjcl dsname
  XMITIPSP - 01.14 Data-Tronics (JC Ewing), reset linec in New_Split to avoid spurious lines when seploc on row 1. Keep linec always as lines in page array.

V10.05 - 2010-05-11
- exec updates (most from Hartmut)
LDAPMAIL - updated to use XMITLDAP for LDAP server info and improved testing for addresses
XMITIP - fix fax blank page
- add parm ADDRBYP to bypass rewriting of address: list of special email addresses - separated by blank(s)
- generic supported (only 1 '*') like NN*FAX.domain.com
- generic supported (only 1 '*') like NN*FAX.domain.com
- generic supported (only 1 '*') like NN*FAX.domain.com
XMITIPZP - Update from Brian Walker to prevent zip outdsn > 44 chars (infozip)
- misc updates
IVPJOB - very minor update
UDSMTP - updated to reference the source
UDSMTPS - the source for UDSMTP in a gzip tarball
- panel updates
XMITIPXJ - alignment of comments

V09.12 - 2009-12-01 ** Majority of updates thanks to Hartmut Beckmann

- exec updates

XMITIP - add parameter <CALLEDAS>... to the parm string when calling check_send_to_cmd exit (support compiled EXECs who don't know their own name)

- Correct parse for e-mail addresses

(minor correction)

- add encoding mode TEST to avoid

encodings that are not supported

- add encoding_check to set the option

in XMITIPCU (default NO)

valid: YES / NO / WARN / ONCE

(Be careful: WARN produces overhead)

- add ForceSuf to fix problem with

missing '.txt' suffix

- add number of attachment file in

process messages (nnn)

- correction of edate format:

add "." after day

(day - number without leading "0")

- correction in encoding process:

use input data if encoding doesn't work

thx to Philippe Savin

- add cu_add check messages

XMITIPCU - new var encoding_check

NO (default) / YES / WARN (overhead)

- new var force_suf to force filenames

with correct suffixes. Default value

is force_suf = NO for compatibility

- minor corrections and cosmetics

XMITIPSP - correction (prevent looping) - thx to

Mitchel Dehler

XMITIPZP - Change allocation of sysut1 thx to Neil Eames

TESTCU - Updated to support updates in XMITIPCU

- add cu_add plausibility check, same in XMITIP

- add cu_add check messages

- check whether antispoof is empty or not

(XMITIPCU template check)


* - many others to support updates to XMITIPCU

- Load modules

STEMPULL - added as now used to improve performance

STEMPUSH - " (both from CBT File 412 thanks to Rob Scott


- misc updates

IVPJOB - added &idate to test job step 2B

- move IVPZ to step IVP and add return code

test prior to IVP0 to stop all following

steps if IVP step (TESTCU) has a return code

greater than or equal to 4.

- remove leading '%': testcu, concode, txt2pdf

(support compiled exec)

TMSGQ - remove leading '%': xmitipcu

(support compiled exec)

- add error routine

V09.04 - 2009-04-20

- Many updates to change my e-mail address

- exec updates

XMITLDAP - changed to be more generalized

XMITIPID - changed to use the new XMITLDAP

XMITIPML - changed to use the new XMITLDAP

XMITIPMU - some additional quotes

*** - many others (all) for my e-mail contact change

- misc updates

IVPJOB - Step 1 survey info changed

LDAP - updated for new generalized info


 V09.03 - 2009-03-17
       - Update authors e-mail address in multiple places
       - exec updates (most thanks to Hartmut)
         TESTCU - support additional parms for log (LOGIT)
         XMITIP - Correction for ldap validation failure *lbd*
                - improved logging
                - support additional values in var special_chars
                  from xmitipcu cp_used sp_chars cp_info
                - enhance %logit mode (i.e. migration)                  logdsn logtype logmsg
                  logdsn - log dataset name
                  logtype - <blank> log messages
                            U log only usage (version)
                            M log only message
                            A log all (messages usage)
                            N log nothing
                  logmsg - message added to usage info
                - stg: stepname procstep program
         XMITIPCU - fix setting for xmitipcu_msg
                  - add some codepages with description
                  - enhance log: logdsn logtype logmsg
         XMITLDAP - Minor update to values

V09.02a - 2009-02-09

- exec updates
XMITIP - Minor cleanup
XMITSOCK 1.07 (HB) - usage of RESOLVE-Service to convert an "Fully Qualified Domain Name" to an IP-Addr (missed the 0902 package)


V09.02 - 2009-02-05

- exec updates
XMITIP - Allow symbolics in the FORMAT
                  e.g. &date &time
                 thanks to Maurizio Violi
              - Correction for header lines *HB)
               (compress to "KEYWORD: value")
               Some relays don't support the extra spacing

V09.01 - 2009-01-12

- exec updates
TESTCU - Minor update on parse source
TXT2HTML - Minor update on parse source
TXT2RTF - Minor update on parse source
XMITIP - Update to handle MSGDS and HTML if the MSGDS
is already in HTML format (missed part in 0812)
XMITIPCU - Add check_send_to_parms (HB)
XMITZEX2 - correct minor typo
XMITIPML - Minor update on parse source
XMITZCHK - Minor update on parse source
XMITZEX1 - Minor update on parse source

V08.12 - 2008-12-15 
	- license update Change to use the GPL Version 3 License 
	- exec updates 
	EDITMAIL - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	LOGIT - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	SDSFEXT - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	SMTPSTAT - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	TESTCU - Support dateformat of 'E' 
	  	- updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	TXT2HTML - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	TXT2RTF - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XLATCOMP - Compare translate tables (HB) *new* 
	XMITIP - Update to handle MSGDS and HTML if the MSGDS is already in HTML format
		- updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XMITIPCU - Add comments on DST for those south of the equator 
		- updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XMITIPMU - additional quotes 
	XMITIPFE - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPFV - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPI - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPIC - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPID - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPML - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XMITIPMU - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPSP - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPTD - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XMITIPTR - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIPZP - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITIP00 - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XMITLDAP - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XMITSDSF - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB)
	XMITSOCK - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 
	XMITZEX2 - updates for cosmetics and/or iso date (HB) 

	V08.11 - 2008-11-06 
	- exec updates 
	LOGIT - New logjobid option (in the exec) 
	LOGITCPY - Minor update
	MAILHFSE - Minor update 
	SMTPSTAT - Update to use new LDAP lookup 
	TESTCU - Enhanced to allow being called using EXEC from Browse/Edit member list (thx Hartmut) 
		- Add VIEW option to view instead of browse the results 
		- Update to use new XMITLDAP format 
	TXT2HTML - Minor update 
	TXT2RTF - Minor update 
	VXMITLOG - Minor update 
	XMIT#IVP - Minor update 
	XMITIP - If the MSGDD or MSGDS has carriage control then character 1 is removed when the text is added 
to the message 
		- Update to use new LDAP lookup 
	XMITIPCU - Minor update 
	XMITIPDS - Minor update 
	XMITIPI - Minor update 
	XMITIPIC - Minor update 
	XMITIPID - Update to use new LDAP lookup 
	XMITIPML - Update to use new LDAP lookup 
	XMITLDAP - Update to use new LDAP lookup 
	XMITIPMU - New quotes 
	XMITSOCK - Several updates 
V08.10A - 2008-10-25
 	- exec updates 
		MAILHFSE - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		TESTCU - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		TXT2HTML - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		TXT2RTF - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		VXMITLOG - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		XMIT#IVP - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		XMITIP - new xmitipcu parms: 
			   txt2pdf_parms (i.e. XLATE COMPRESS) 
			   tcp_stack (if different from default 
			   or several stacks are available) 
		XMITIPCU - txt2pdf_parms in XML format like 
			   <XLATE>exec</XLATE> i.e. TXT2PDFX 
			   - tcp_stack (if not default) 
		XMITIPDS - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		XMITIPFV - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		XMITIPI - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		XMITIPIC - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		XMITIPID - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
		XMITIPMU - Added new quotes 
		XMITZEX2 - Support updated XMITIPCU parms 
V08.09a - 2008-09-12 
        - exec updates 
          TESTCU - Add report of XMITLDAP 
          XMITIP - typos 
                 - msg correction 
                 - Leave leading blanks in signature 
                 - Correction if FROM or REPLYTO used in an 
                   AddressFile or AddressfileDD 
                 - STEMPULL check moved into INIT section and set 
                   a global var so that the check is already done 
                   at the beginning. 
                 - //XMITDBG DD SYSOUT=(*) 
                   gathers some informations (in background), if 
                   the DD XMITDBG is allocated. 
          XMITSOCK - Added 
V08.09 - 09/04/08 
	- exec updates (all thanks to Hartmut) 
		LOGIT - clean up code 
		TXT2HTML - uniform messages and code cleanup 
		TXT2RTF - remove never executed exit 
		XMITFDAT - date routines 
		XMITIP - Move XMITIP application infos to be written before exits are called. 
			- Add Support for XMITSOCK 
			- support smtp_method="SOCKETS" with external routine XMITSOCK via DDname or STEMPUSH/STEMPULL (if available)(
			  Thx Werner Tomek) 
			- bug fix: use new var global_vars to define all those variables that are globally used in XMITIP like null msgid _sysispf_ _sysenv_ XMITIPCU - remove never executed "exit 8" 
			- XMITIPFV() replaced by XMITIP("VER") 
			- XMITIPFV is now obsolete 
			- new variable check_send_from_exit to allow setting in "sub_site_settings:" 
		XMITIPI - use version from xmitip 
		XMITLDAP - code cleanup 
		XMITZCHK - code cleanup 
		XMITZEX1 - code cleanup
V08.08 - 08/29/08 
- exec updates 
TESTCU - header with text TESTCU 
- support for compiled version (DD DSN LMOD) 
TXT2RTF - Support for compiled version 
- uniform length for messages 
XMITIP - Add new VIANJE option (thx to James Yee) 
- Correction to date in dsn 
- Enhance checking for novalue 
- ending of XMITIP with infos and RC 
- support of compiled version 
-- fix msgid problem 
- uniform length of msgid so that messages of the
main xmitip and subroutines are aligned 
XMITIPMU - corrections and cosmetics 
- fix problem with compiled version (execs have 
type SUBROUTINE) instead of FUNCTION 
XMITIPCU - Update from Hartmut to better check security 
XMITIPI - Version change only 
XMITIPZP - Change RC of 4096 to 4095 
- load updates 
ZIP - load module from 09/2000 
ZIPO - load module from 01/2000 
*** Use which ever version works for you there are 
*** some differences reported (minor but key) 
- panel updates 
XMITIP - Minor change to allow versions with suffix char 
XMITIPF1 - Update from Scott Doherty (window keyword on body) 
V08.07 - 07/08/08
- exec updates 
	LOGIT 	- Correction for missing return statement (very minor) 
	TESTCU 	- Updated to conform to the new XMITIPCU 
	TXT2HTML - Add option (ver) 
	TXT2RTF - Add option (ver) 
	XMITIP 	- Add new IgnoreEnc option to bypass any encoding defined in XMITIPCU 
	 	- Add new &MM symbolic for 2 digit month 
	   - Add new NOEMPTY option to force XMITIP to terminate if any FILEs are empty 
	XMIT#IVP - Minor update 
	XMITIPCU - Numerous updates for enhanced usability (thx Hartmut) 
		 - Update encoding_default to null 
	XMITIPFE - Add FILEDD() keyword 
		 - Add MSGDD() keyword 
	XMITIPFV - New subroutine to return XMITIP Version 
	XMITIPI - Support File of dd:ddname 
		- Correct 'ok' to 'or' in no file selected popup 
	XMITIPMU - Added 5 quotes and fix 1 
	XMITIPZP - Correction if using InfoZip (bad rename) 
	XMITZCHK - DSN validation routine to test for temp ds also option to validate XML and CMD (thx Hartmut) 
	XMITZCED - Updated to support temp ds (thx Hartmut) 
- misc updates 
	IVPJOB - Add step IVPEX to test NOEMPTY option 
- panel updates 
	XMITIP 	- Allow file of dd:ddname 
	XMITIPXA - Update help for file field 
	XMITIPX2 - Update for DD option 
	XMITIPXB - Add &MM symbolic option 
	XMITIPXJ - Add &MM symbolic option 
	XMITIPX3 - Add &MM symbolic option 
- asm updates 
	$DOCT2P - doc for the T2P* members 
	T2PARC4 - txt2pdf subroutine 
	T2PCOMP - txt2pdf subroutine 
	T2PINIT - txt2pdf subroutine 
	T2PMD5 - txt2pdf subroutine 
	T2PTERM - txt2pdf subroutine 
V08.04 - 04/03/08 
- exec updates 
	TXT2HTML - Correction in output lrecl calculation (thanks Hartmut) 
  	XMITIP - Correct Addressfile use of BCC (broke in 08.01) 
	XMITIPI - Version change only 
	XMITIPTR - Correct capitalization for Septembre for the French translation table
	XMITIPZP - Correction for use with InfoZip if the output zip DSN is 44 characters then a temp work DSN was 45 
	XMITZQEN - Update to handle more HTML codes (thanks Hartmut) 
V08.02 - 02/20/08 
- exec updates 
	TXT2HTML- Minor update for message qualifier and set default setting for JavaScript to No
	TXT2RTF - Remove extraneous Trace
	XMITIP 	- Correction to allow &userid when used in FROM to carry over to the SENDER SMTP tag. 
		- Other minor cleanup 
	XMITIPCU - Minor updates/corrections 
	XMITIPI - version change only 
	XMITZEX1 - Minor update 
	XMITZQEN - Minor update 
V08.01 - 01/17/08                                                             
         * Change versioning to yy.mm (year.month)                              
         - exec updates                                                         
           LOGITCPY - Minor update to remove invalid use of sysvar              
           MAILHFSE - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
           RECEIVE  - Updated to support the new TDA unload file                
           SETIOFK  - Added to support IOF users (thx to Hartmut)               
           SETSDSFK - Updated with ? option (thx to Hartmut)                    
           TESTCU   - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
           TXT2HTML - Update for NLS by Hartmut                                 
           TXT2RTF  - Update for NLS by Hartmut                                 
           VXMITLOG - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
           XMIT#IVP - NEW - Edit Macro for IVPJOB                               
           XMITIP   - Correction for symbolic &jobidl                           
                    - Correction to reduce size of pdfwork, htmlwork,           
                      rtfwork and zipwork temp filenames                        
                    - Add &RCH to return the highest return code                
                    - Correction for NLS subject from Hartmut                   
                    - Update to RTF Mime encoding for improved NLS              
                    - Add FROM and REPLYTO options to AddressFile               
                    - Update so &jdate-n works                                  
           XMITIPCU - Updated by Hartmut - major (logical) restructure          
           XMITIPDS - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
           XMITIPI  - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
           XMITIPIC - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
           XMITIPID - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
           XMITIPSP - Correction for work file allocation thanks to             
                      Jean Quintal                                              
           XMITIPTD - A timed delivery e-mail tool (see doc member)             
           XMITZEX1 - Minor cosmetic change                                     
           XMITZQEN - Updated by Hartmut for new NLS support                    
         - load updates                                                         
           ZIP      - Updated with ZIP23XM from                                 
         - misc updates                                                         
           GERMAN   - Documents how to change the imbedded txt2rtf              
                      and txt2html to better work with the German               
                      language code page (thx to Josef Berger                   
           IVPJOB   - Updated by Hartmut to verify new NLS support              
                    - Updates for PDF indexing sample steps to                  
                      reflect the changes to this file for versioning           
                    - Add step to verify &rca and &rch                          
           IZGERMAN - ZAP to InfoZip to support German language                 
                      code page (thx to Josef Berger                            
           TDA      - Sample control data set for XMITIPTD                      
           XMITIPTD - doc for the exec 
5.70 - 11/05/2007
* Numerous changes to enhance NLS support thanks to Hartmut Beckmann 
- exec updates
SETSDSFK - enclose extract dsn (ldsn) in quotes (') to
better work when PROFILE NOPREFIX is used
and userid <> prefix
- use zdel as delimiter (thx Hartmut)
TESTCU - support new XMITIPCU variables (thx Hartmut)
XMITIP - Fix long subject wrapping and spacing
- Enhance dynamic temp dsns for pdf, rtf and html
- Allow abbreviations for the following
- Add &iweek, &iweeke, &iweekr symbolics uses new
xmitfdat function exec
- Add new options for NLS codepage_default
- Add symbolic &ctime hhmmss
(compact current time)
- Add new option check_send_from check from address
in an external routine
i.e. to bypass spam filter
- Add new option check_send_to (future)
- Add new option smtp_fax to support different smtp
tasks/writer (future)
- Fix default_lang for &month
XMITFDAT - Date function package from:
Generic Object Rexx date arithmetic routines
by Toby Thurston --- 2 Dec 2002
XMITIPIC - Updates to remove blank line and
change type from text to request
XMITIPID - Add retry on LDAP query (3 times if needed)
XMITIPCU - Add new options for NLS
codepage_default encoding_default
- Add new option check_send_from
check from address in an external
routine i.e. to bypass spam filter
* All Thanks to Hartmut
XMITIPMU - Additional quotes (enjoy)
XMITIPI - Version Change only
XMITIPTR - Danish addition thx to Frank Allan Rasmussen
XMITZEX1 - rewrite the from address (thx Hartmut)
XMITZGEN - Encode data to Quoted-Printable (thx Hartmut)
- Misc updates
IOF - Documents the IOF interface to XMITIP from
the IOF vendor
IOFOLD - The old doc on how to use XMITIP with IOF
(now obsolete - see member IOF)
IVPJOB - Update for new symbolics
SPOOF1 - updated to reflect recent changes
UDSMTP - added caveats on usage
- panel updates
XMITIPXB - addition of new variable &CTIME (thx Hartmut)
- addition of new variable &iweek
XMITIPXJ - addition of new variable &iweek
XMITIPX3 - addition of new variable &iweek, &iweeke, &iweekr
5.68a- 07/03/2007
	Repackage due to error in packaging the rexx library in 5.66.
5.68 -  06/29/07                                                              
- exec updates                                                          
          XMITIP   - Bug fix yet again for the null removal                     
                     (thx to Angel Cortes Rodriguez)                            
          XMITIPI  - Version change only                                        
          SDSFEXT  - Update to allow DDNAME of * for all DDnames                
                     (thanks to Rick Turnbull)                                  
- Misc updates                                                          
          IVPJOB   - add step IVP2D to test file attachment with nulls          
          TESTNULL - added for use with step IVP2D                              
          LOTUS    - Info on enabling Lotus Notes to support Return             
                     Receipt from SMTP    
5.66 - 06/10/07
- exec updates
	XMITIP  - Update to correct a bug in 5.64 sending a text file with imbedded nulls
	XMITIPI - Version change only
	XMITIPMU - Added a quote
5.64 - 05/03/07 
- exec updates 
	TESTCU - Improvements by Hartmut 
	XMITIP - Support new mime8bit xmitipcu setting 
	       - Set message type to HTML if going to a fax machine 
	       - New symbolic of &idate (iso date) yyyy-mm-dd 
	       - New symbolic of &job8 (padded 8 char jobname 
	       - Update for new return string layout 
	XMITIPI - Update for new return string layout 
	XMITIPCU - New setting for mime8bit mime encoding 
		- Correction to custsym routine (missing end statement) 
		- New symbolic of &jobinfo (thx Hartmut) 
		- Moved antispoof return to the end of the return string 
- panel updates 
	XMITIPXB - correction to display properly on all 3270 models 
	XMITIPXJ - correction to display properly on all 3270 models 
	XMITIPX3 - correction to display properly on all 3270 models 
- other updates 
	IVPJOB - add &job, &job8 and &jobinfo 
	SENDMAIL - added thoughts on how to sendmail enable XMITIP but have yet
		   to get this working (so if anyone does please let me know) 
V5,62 - 04/19/07                                                        
      - exec updates                                                       
        XMITIP   - Add new symbolics for right and left parenthesis
		  (using the custsym as the way for all new symbolics to be added in the future)                             
                 - Add new symbolic &timezone for the current timezone     
        XMITIPCU - move the custsym definitions to the end of the exec before the return.                                 
                 - Enable mvsvars in custsym thanks to Hartmut Beckmann     
        XMITIPMU - Additional quotes                                       
      - panel updates                                                       
        XMITIP   - Fix for ver listx error with z/os 1.6+ if panel option for Batch
		   and Msg is * (which is not allowed)           
      - Misc updates                                                       
        IVPJOB   - correct example in IVP2B to show that the &z requires a leading blank 
V5.60 - 02/02/07
- exec updates 
  TXT2RTF - Update to version 1.06 to correct infrequent bug in processing + carriage control 
  XMITIP - Version change only 
  XMITIPI - Version change only 
  XMITIPCU - Set default for default_hlq to null 
  XMITIPMU - Add several new quotes 
  XMITIPZP - Updated SLIKZIP support for PDS members thanks to Peter Standfield <peter@ase.com.au> 
V5.58 -  01/19/07
- exec updates 
   TESTCU   - Updated to support the new CUSTSYM value 
   XMITIP   - Add support for installation defined symbolics via 
              the CUSTSYM setting in XMITIPCU 
   XMITIPI  - Change to support new value returned by XMITIPCU 
   XMITIPCU - Add new value for local symbolics - CUSTSYM. 
            - Corrections to the Timezone routine to fix start/end 
              dates (bug introduced by Lionel and fixed by Ulrich) 
	    - Update Timezone routine to correctly handle the 2am 
	       start and end point for Daylight Savings Time 
   XMITIPMU - Add new quotes 
   XMITIPZP - Add support for SLIKZIP thank to Peter Standfield <peter@ase.com.au> 
- panel updates 
   XMITIPXI - Update for SLIKZIP 
   XMITIPXM - Update for SLIKZIP 
   XMITIPXB - Correction (apparently broke at some point) 
V5.56 - 12/04/06
- exec updates 
  XMITIP - Add mime header for rtf attachments applidation/rtf 
         - Add &Z symbolic. The &Z and preceeding blank are eliminated. (allows concatenation of symbolics or 
symbolics and data) 
         - Update ZIP not supported message to indicate not supported on this lpar 
  XMITIPI - version change only 
  XMITIPCU - Move setting of ZIP_TYPE to routine testing location 
           - Replaced timezone routine with one from Yvon Roy to support new daylight savings time start/end dates 
V5.54 - 10/26/06
- exec updates 
  XMITIP - Add support for &YEAR2 and &YEAR4 symbolics 
  XMITIPI - version change only 
- misc updates 
  IVPJOB - update step IVP2B to test new symbolics 
- panel updates 
  XMITIPXB - Add &year2 and &year4 symbolics 
  XMITIPXJ - Add &year2 and &year4 symbolics 
  XMITIPX3 - Add &year2 and &year4 symbolics
V5.52 - 10/09/06
- exec updates 
  XMITIP - Add support for &SYSNAME and &SYSPLEX symbolics 
  XMITIPI - version change only 
- misc updates 
  IVPJOB - change e-mail address for step 0 
- panel updates 
  XMITIPX3 - Add &sysplex to the list of symbolics 
V5.50 - 09/12/06
- exec updates 
  TXT2RTF - Update to 1.05 allow CONFIG options to be overridden by command keyword usage 
  XMITIP - Update to support the LANG keyword if used within a configuration file (CONFIG or CONFIGDD) 
  XMITIPI - version change only 
V5.48 - 07/14/06                                
- exec updates                                                          
  XMITIP   - version change only                                        
  XMITIPCU - Remove upper case translation for weekday in the antispoof block                                        
  XMITIPI  - Add SORT option for Address Table and save the value as the new default                                   
  XMITIPML - Correction. The alloc used a hlq and the delete did not.                                                   
- panel updates                                                         
  XMITIPAH - Update to include help for Address Table Sort              
  XMITIPAT - Add SORT option to display        
V5.46 - 05/16/06
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Remove extraneous rcpt to tag with the 
ErrorsTo address 
XMITIPI - version change only 
XMITIPMU - Additional quotes added 
- panel updates 
XMITIPH0 - Minor change to tutorial panel to fix an 
V5.44 - 01/20/2006
- exec updates 
TXT2RTF - Correction when using ASA CC with the + (no space) CC if the record with the + is shorter than the previous record. 
XMITIP - Correct extra line with HTML disclaim 
- Add fixup for symbolics for html title. ** thanks to Robert Phillips ** 
- Set disclaim in small font and navy if in HTML format 
- add option for MSGT to have the text in HTML format by: MSGT "html: message text" 
XMITIPI - Version change only 
XMITIPCU - Update to description for DISCLAIM value which may also be known as the Confidentiality Statement. 
- panel updates 
XMITIPX2 - Update to document use of HTML:short-message capability 
V5.42 - 12/30/05
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Fix undefined variable issue when XMITIPCU option conf_msg is set to Bottom 
- Add new CONFMSG keyword to test this issue 
XMITIPI - Version change only 
XMITIPCU - Add missing 'end' in AntiSpoof routine to correct error when compiled using the REXX Compiler 
	Thanks to Robert Phillips 
XMITIPUI - Added this routine from Barry Gilder if you wish to use this for 8 character userids. It does 
require more customization to the code but if you need this capability you'll want this. 
V5.40 - 11/10/05
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Correction to the use of the escape char in the 
MSGT which failed if more than 3 used for some 
XMITIPI - version change only to 5.40 
V5.38 - 10/08/05
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Correct for HTML with Sensitivity usage and when 
used with the RESPOND option 
- If Message text is HTML then set Sensitivity to 
Bold and Red 
- Correct Murphy and Signture if using HTML message 
XMITIPCU - 1 new quote 
XMITIPTR - French thx to Francois Bourgois 
V5.36a - 07/05/05
- exec updates 
SDSFEXT - added the latest 1.9 version 
XMITIPCU - fix a few minor typos 

V5.36 - 06/02/05
- exec updates 
TESTCU - updated to support jobid and jobidl 
XMITIP - get jobid and jobidl from xmitipcu and replace 
jnbr by jobid 
i.e. jobid=J12345 jobidl=JOB12345 
- add &JOBID to use jobidl value 
- fix use of symbolics &jobnum and &jobid 
XMITIPI - update to support new return from XMITIPCU 
XMITIPCU - get jobid (&jobnum) and jobidl (&jobid) thru routine 
- use always system variables to set variables 
instead of using functions 
- strip trailing low values from name (GetHostname) 
- sample exit for default_hlq 
- panel updates 
XMITIPXB - add &jobid 
XMITIPXJ - add &jobid 
XMITIPX3 - add &jobid 
- misc updates 
IVPJOB - updated step IVP2B to show &jobid and &jobnum 
V5.34 - 05/17/05 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Correction for zipwork temp name to add jobid 
and reduce potential for duplication 
- Correction for byte count for limit for binary 
attachments (was too high) 
XMITIPI - version change only 
V5.32 - 05/09/05 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - correction to set the language earlier in the process 
- correction to Sender for Exchange users 
** both changes thanks to Barry Gilder 
V5.30 - 04/19/05 
- exec updates 
LOGITCPY - change message label from logit: to logitcpy: 
XMITIP - correction to enable IgnoreSuffix to really work 
** thanks to Greg Morgan 
XMITIPI - version change only 
XMITIPCU - change date(usa) to date("usa") in timezone routine. 
XMITIPID - change to test for the ldap server not responding and 
set return code appropriately 
- issue message indicating proceeding without the ldap 
server if error occurs 
V5.28 - 01/24/05 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - correction for extraneous slash in mime header for csv 
to application/ms-excel 
XMITIPI - version change only 
XMITIPSP - correction to properly create the REPORT DD when running
in batch 
 V5.26 - 10/12/04 
- pds updates 
RECEIVE - updated to use provided device on restore 
- exec updates 
TXT2HTML - correction for format txt for asa suppress cc (+) 
XMITIP - correction for format txt for asa suppress cc (+) 
- Change text/enrich to text/enriched for mime e-mails 
V5.24 - 09/20/04 
- exec updates 
TESTCU - add validation for default lang and dateformat (hartmut) 
- support special_chars and send_from options 
TESTIPTR - added to test the XMITIPTR (thx hartmut) 
XMITIP - Updates from Hartmut to enhance Antispoof for nls 
- Change the XMIT command SYSOUT from SYSOUT(*) to 
SYSOUT(nullsysout) where nullsysout is a null sysout 
class from xmitipcu 
- Comment updates thx to Hartmut 
- Remove space before subject text 
- Support new Send_From option from XMITIPCU to set the 
Sender field to the From address if coded 
- Update to correct file attachment when sending 
format XMIT and FILEDD is empty to send empty 
message in d/s attachment. 
XMITIPCU - Updates from Hartmut to enhance Antispoof messages 
- Add allocation for SYSTCPD if variable set 
(thx barry gilder) 
- Minor change to the disclaim message that XMITIP 
is not vendor supported 
- Add Special_Chars for future use 
- Add Send_From to set the SENDER field to the FROM address
XMITIPI - Support updates to XMITIPCU 
XMITIPMU - Added new quotes 
XMITIPTR - support trailing dot and colon (thx hartmut) 
- support parenthesis around the word (thx hartmut) 
- add Italian option thx to Maurizio Violi 
XMITIPZP - Updates for ISPZIP thanks to Barry Gilder 
V5.22 - 07/07/2004
- exec update
XMITIP - Add new keyword of RC0 to always force a zero return code
	 if an input file is empty.
V5.20 - 06/25/04 
- exec updates 
LOGIT - Included with the XMITIP package 
LOGITCPY - Included with the XMITIP package 
SMTPSTAT - New options, NOLOC NOEXT NODET, thx to eric hamtiaux 
TESTCU - Report on new XMITIPCU variable restrict_hlq 
and default_lang 
TXT2HTML - Enhance column detection in HTML Tables by Alain Janssens 
- Enhance the performance of loading the inline dynamic 
ispf panels by a change in the internal subroutine 
XMITIP - Change test for return from XMTIIPID to ignore the 
address if the ldap server is not available. 
- Correct calls to XMITIPTR (add -L) 
- Allow multiple domains in the restrict_domain list 
- Correct passing NoRTFXlate to txt2rtf thx to 
David Ingoldsby 
- Call XMITIPTR for antispoof message text 
- Translate lang/default_lang to uppercase 
- If FaxCheck enabled and the address is a fax then 
ignore msg_summary if enabled 
- New XMITIPCU option of Default_Lang to define a 
default langauge for the LANG option 
- Improve space calc for infozip work with vb 
records. thx to Jean-Marc LUCE 
- Process Restrict_HLQ option from XMITIPCU to 
restrict usage of select system hlq's 
- Use last 2 qualifiers for infozip zip dsn 
thx to Jean-Marc Luce 
XMITIPCU - Improve comments for default_hlq definition 
- Add new restrict_hlq variable 
- Allow multiple domains in the restrict_domain list 
- Add new default_lang variable 
- Clean up zip_hlq for infozip model 
thx to Jean-Marc Luce 
XMITIPI - Correct hlq for batch jcl data set 
- Append trailing quote if msgds or file have start 
quote (same as ver dsnameq) 
- Honor (but doesn't use) restrict_hlq variable 
- Honor (but doesn't use) default_lang variable 
XMITIPMU - more quotes 
XMITIPTR - Update to Spanish table thx to Vicente Zafra Ruiz 
- Remove default_lang (now in xmitipcu) 
- Add to translation tables 
"This e-mail originated from sent" 
- misc updates (installation pds) 
OLDOS - new exec to call OLDOSE edit macro to change 
ver dsnameq to dsname in all panels 
OLDOSE - ispf edit macro to do the change 
- panel updates 
XMITIPAS - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPCP - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPF1 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPF2 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPF3 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPF6 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPF8 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPGC - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPIA - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPLA - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) 
XMITIPVP - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq)
V5.18 - 05/19/04 
- exec updates 
RECEIVE - Update to prompt for unit for target data sets 
SMTPSTAT - Clean up report for text pages 
TESTCU - Support new XMITIPCU variable SYSTCPD 
VXMITLOG - Change to use only needed variables from XMITIPCU 
XMITIP - Move antispoof date from XMITIPCU and enable NLS 
translation for it 
XMITIPI - Correct problem with batch steplib dsnames 
* thx to hartmut beckmann 
- Support new XMITIPCU variable SYSTCPD to generate 
the SYSTCPD DD for Batch submission 
XMITIPCU - Move antispoof date out to XMITIP 
- New variable SYSTCPD used in XMITIPI 
XMITIPMU - Updated with new quotes 
XMITIPTR - Added Dutch language from Alain Janssens 
- misc updates 
TXT2HTML - updated TXT2HTML users guide 
V5.16a- 05/12/04 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Correction for misspelled variable 
V5.16 - 05/11/04 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Change to delete temp data sets regardless of the 
return code from txt2html, txt2rtf, txt2pdf 
- Support new txt2hmtl options 
XMITIPI - Level change only to match XMITIP 
- Support new txt2hmtl options 
XMITIPFE - Remove nullifying the variables at end of exec 
TXT2HTML - Support for CSV to HTML Table by Alain Janssens 
- panel updates 
XMITIPCC - Correction to the panel displayed thx to Joe Schwarzbauer
XMITIPF1 - Support new CSV to HTML options 
XMITIPF6 - Support new CSV to HTML options 
XMITIPHH - Support new CSV to HTML options 
XMITIPZH - Support new CSV to HTML options 
V5.14 - 04/30/04 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Correct &month-n and other &xxx -1 calculations 
to remove bogus periods 
- Use variable null instead of "" consistently 
XMITIPI - Use variable null instead of "" consistently 
- Correction for missing call to set_tables 
and enhance to translate entire passed string. 
- Thx to Horst Mademann for the Portuguese Brazil 
- misc updates 
IVPADDR - minor reformat and cleanup 
V5.12 - 04/22/04 
- exec updates 
CONDCODE - Corrected test for highest condition code
XMITIP - Correction if using MSGQ (was failing) 
XMITIPFE - Change pool to PROFILE
XMITIPI - New default setting QUIET to control the display 
of the XMITIP Log. If Yes then only display when 
the return code is > 0. If No (Default) than always 
- panel updates 
XMITIPIA - Add Quiet option 
XMITIPXS - Add Quiet option 
XMITIPYB - Help for Quiet 
V5.10 - 04/16/04
- exec updates
EDITMAIL - Correction for sequential data sets
SMTPSTAT - Add ldap lookup for summary info report
SXMITLOG - Sample routine to copy and clear the XMITIP log
** calls LOGITCPY from the LOGIT package **
VXMITLOG - Sample routine to make a temporary copy of the 
           XMITIP log and then View the copy (uses LOGITCPY) 
- Support XMITIPCU LOG option
- if no MSG option specified and an attachment is
then default to NOMSG
- Ignore NOMSG if MSG option found
- Correct test for multiple message (msg) options
- For UDSMTP remove all dsnames from allocations,
use ddname only
- Support XMITIPCU LOG option
If enabled will call the LOGIT external routine
(download and install separately)
- Add new LOG option
XMITIPDT - Updated with correction to German table and addition
of Spanish table thanks to Hartmut Beckmann
XMITIPID - Correct local node lookup
- Change to use mail=address as it is MUCH faster
XMITIPSP - Change to write the log in real time instead of
queueing it. REPORT DD is now optional.
- misc updates
IVPJOB - add 2 steps to IVP
- panel updates
XMITIPIA - remove the vput of variables
V5.08 - 03/24/04 
- exec updates 
SDSFEXT - Updated to support INPUT data 
TESTCU - Support for new From2Rep and DateFormat options 
XMITIP - Check if From_Default is * and FromReq is non-zero 
then set From_Default to the From value 
- New &EDATE option for European Date 
- Correct bug with 1 lines html message text 
- Move date for antispoof to xmitipcu 
- Support XMITIPCU DateFormat option 
E = European (e.g. day month year) 
U = U.S. (e.g. month day, year) 
- Support XMITIPCU From2Rep option 
if 0 then REPLYTO must be specified 
if 1 then REPLYTO will be set to FROM if no 
- Better diag message if gdg on tape or not found 
- Correct bug is msgdd is pds member and filedd is 
XMITIPCU - Update to document the new value option for 
- New From2Rep option 
- New DateFormat option 
- Move date for antispoof from xmitip 
XMITIPDT - **NEW** Site customized date conversion exec 
XMITIPI - Better diag message if gdg on tape or not found 
XMITIPMU - 2 new quotes 
XMITIPSP - Changes by Joe Schwarzbauer 
- Exit only if SEPLOC ROW specified and no CC 
in the input DCB RECFM (modifies v0.09 mods) 
- Remove requirement for control statements 
(except * for comment) to begin in column 1. 
- panel updates 
XMITIPXB - add &edate 
XMITIPXJ - add &edate 
XMITIPXS - redesign popup help information 
XMITIPX3 - add &edate 
- installation pds 
IVPJOB - add test of &edate symbolic 
SDSFEXT - Updated to document INPUT option 
V5.06b - 03/15/04 
	- exec updates
	XMITIPCU - Change jobnumber to jobid and use 
	code from Hartmut Beckmann 

V5.06a - 03/14/04
	- exec updates
	  XMITIPCU - correction for job number
V5.06 - 03/11/04                                                              
        **** Major Change in the ISPF Panel for XMITIP ****                     
        **** it has been redesigned to conform with    ****                     
        **** other mail clients. Your users will see   ****                     
        **** a more intuitive interface.               ****                     
        - exec updates                                                          
          SMTPSTAT - Add information from EZA5501I messages                     
                     Mail being sent is discarded as too large                  
                   - New options of NOCSV or NORPT                              
          XMITIP   - Update to support new XMITIPCU options                     
                   - Move batch jobname set for antispoof to xmitipcu           
                   - Correct &month/&date/&cdate/&sdate/ &udate/&date           
                     calculations for file                                      
                   - Change sig/disclaim/antispoof to html text if              
                     HTML message                                               
                   - If FROM and no REPLYTO then set REPLYTO to FROM            
                   - Change Signature, Murphy, Disclaim, and AntiSpoof          
                     to be html text if the message is HTML                     
                   - Add new RESPOND keyword                                    
                   - Add new IDVAL keyword to cause all e-mail addresses        
                     to be validated (requires XMITLDAP be configured)          
                   - Add new FAXCHECK option to test for outgoing fax           
                     and bypass the antispoof block if found                    
                   - Add new TPAGELEN option to over-ride the XMITIPCU          
                     default length                                             
          XMITIPCU - Add comment about sysplex and sysracf                      
                   - Add jobname to antispoof if not foreground                 
                     (moved from XMITIP)                                        
                     and add job number to the message                          
                   - Add new FAXCHECK option to test for outgoing fax           
                     and bypass the antispoof block if found                    
                   - Add new TPAGEEND and TPAGELEN options to test for          
                     text PAGE length and Abort or Warn                         
          XMITIPI  - Correct incorrect call to test_pdfidx                      
                   - Add return code short/long message after ISPF              
                   - Support RESPOND on the Delivery Settings prompt            
                   - Update to support user over-ride of Text Page Length       
                     via the Personal setting panel                             
                   - Enable Execution option B to supported edit changes        
                     to the command and the command to then be executed         
                     in the foreground                                          
          XMITIPID - Bypass test for batch_idval from xmitipcu as it is         
                     not needed                                                 
          MAILHFSE - minor update                                               
          TESTCU   - update for new xmitipcu options                            
        - misc  updates                                                         
          IVPJOB   - add step IVPO to test RESPOND                              
        - panel updates                                                         
          XMITIP   - Major redesign to better conform to other mail clients     
                   - Add comment for Delivery Settings that Respond is on       
                     this option                                                
          XMITIPGS - Update for Foreground Execution                            
          XMITIPIM - Add Respond option                                         
          XMITIPXH - Typo correction                                            
          XMITIPXP - Update for Foreground Execution                            
          XMITIPH0 - Change tutorial for name change in field Recipient to To   
                   - Add tutorial link for the Respond tutorial panel           
          XMITIPXR - Add Respond to tutorial panel                              
          XMITIPX0 - New Respond tutorial                                       
          XMITIPX1 - Change tutorial for name change in field Recipient to To   
          ZXMITIP  - old XMITIP panel should anyone wish to continue to use     
                     it (this panel will not be maintained in the future)    
V5.04 - 02/09/04 
- exec updates 
       XMITIPCU - Add section to invoke XMITIPCU User Exit 
                  *commented out by default* 
                 - Removed unused variable: font * 
       TESTCU - update for changed XMITIPCU 
       TXT2HTML - updated to version 2.5 
		- Correction for text font size 
  		- Correction for NOADV default 
       TXT2RTF - updated from version 0 to version .101 
	       - Correction to correctly display the font in Word 
	       - Add local customization variable for font name 
		(default is Courier New) 
       XMITIP - Remove userid length checking 
		- Add return code test from XMITIPCU 
		- Bypass Site Disclaimer if PAGE 
		- Allow commas as address sperators in the address fields 
		- update for changed XMITIPCU 
       XMITIPDS - Update because of change in XMITIPCU 
       XMITIPEX - *NEW* Sample XMITIPCU User Exit 
       XMITIPI - Add return code test from XMITIPCU 
		- Update to allow comma separated addresses 
		- update for changed XMITIPCU 
       XMITIPIC - Update because of change in XMITIPCU 
       XMITIPID - Update because of change in XMITIPCU 
       XMITIPMU - Add 29 new quotes (988 to 1016) 
       XMITIPSP - Add new keyword KEYSUBJ for a subject for each KEYV value 
       XMITIPZP - Add code for PKZIP 5.6 or newer to include the
		  -Encryption_Method (AES128/192/256) if the password
		  begins with xxx:password where xxx is 128, 192 or 256. 		      
V5.02 - 01/28/04 
- exec updates 
XMITIP  - Correction if FORMAT *xxx and multiple MARGIN 
          values to use only the first and issue warning message 
XMITIPI - Update to generate only a single MARGIN value if 
          FORMAT *xxx is specified 
V5.00b- 01/24/04 
- exec updates 
TXT2RTF - Correction for overlay processing (+ cc) if line 2
is longer than line 1
V5.00a- 01/23/04 
- misc updates 
Added new member UDSMTP to explain how to install/configure 
to use UDSMTP 
- exec updates 
TXT2RTF - Correction for overlay processing (+ cc) 
V5.00 - 01/20/04 
- exec updates 
TXT2RTF - Correct test for readonly option 
XMITIP - Test for userid greater than 7 characters and 
report as an error 
- Correct bug if fromreq is an addr and ispffrom 
is 1 - used to issue message of no from and exit 
- Correct implementation of fromreq so that if it is
an address it will generate a rcpt header (bcc) 
- Add ending mime boundary for msg html 
(resolves issue with Groupwise which requires it) 
- Support abbreviations for some keywords: 
AFILE for AddressFile 
AFILEDD for AddressFileDD 
FUP for FollowUp 
SENS for Sensitivity 
XMITIPI - Version change only 
XMITIPMU - several new quotes 
- panel updates 
XMITIPH0 - Correction to numbering 
- misc updates 
Added file freuro_xlate.pdf from Jean-Marc Luce which documents 
a translation table for SMTP, TXT2PDF and InfoZip that supports 
the French language. 
V4.98a- 12/12/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIPSP - Update to correct a MERGEMAIL problem if the KEYV is
on the last page. Thx to David G Clark. 
V4.98 - 12/09/03 
- exec updates 
TESTCU - Support for Restrict_Domain 
SMTPSTAT - Set the BLKSIZE for Sortin, Sortout and Sysin 
to bypass problems some shops had with Blksize(0) 
XMITBULK - Add CC option 
XMITIP - Update to support symbolics for the name-in-archive 
for InfoZip (Thanks to Doug Rogers) 
- Update so that if FORMAT *xxx is used then the 
value for MARGIN is used for all files as well 
- Added new Restrict_Domain support to restrict 
all outgoing e-mails (Thanks to Doug Rogers) 
- Correct Format RTF so that the READONLY option 
will *only* be set if YES is specified instead 
of any non-blank value. 
XMITIPCU - Add new Restrict_Domain support to restrict 
all outgoing e-mails (Thanks to Doug Rogers) 
XMITIPI - Version change only 
XMITIPML - Corrections thanks to Jose Miguel Lopez Tomas 
to allow multiple addresses per name and a 
correction to the work data set allocation. 
- Correct the addition of the address name 
(using cn= information) 
- Add ISPF message to explain the duplicate 
addition attempt 
XMITIPSP - Add new MERGEMAIL option 
- misc updates 
SAMPDISC - added a new sample disclaimer 
V4.96 - 11/11/03 
- exec updates 
MAILHFSE - Added thanks to Mr. Lindy Mayfield 
For use as an Edit command when editing a HFS file 
under ISHELL to e-mail the active file 
SMTPSTAT - Correction to title of report 
XMITIP - Correct extraneous call to TXT2PDF when input file 
is already a PDF and the format is ZIPPDF 
XMITIPI - Level set change only 
XMITIPSP - Add GMAIL= option to be used to define a set of 
global e-mail addresses to receive all e-mails. 
V4.94a- 10/30/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIPSP - Correct incorrect calls to XMITIP is no separations 
by key are found. 
- Correct bug if key for 1st page is not found yet the
1st page was included with the 1st separation by key
V4.94 - 10/23/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Fix for space allocation for FORMAT RTF work 
data set (missing allocation unit - tr) 
- Fix for MSGT length (if very long lines) 
- Add suffix testing and setting for CSV and XLS 
- Correct when message format HTML is used 
XMITIPI - Change to save/restore margins in all places 
XMITIPSP - Updated to version 1.00 from 0.xx level as it 
appears stable 
- Added COMBINE option to combine KEYV separations 
for each e-mail address who may receive multiple 
KEYV separations. 
** Thanks to David Clark and Brad Lawrence for their
assistance in testing and validating this update 
- panel updates 
XMITIP - Change label Attachment Name to File Name 
XMITIPIF - Change to include margins entry 
- misc updates 
XMITIPSP - Changed EXEC step to add DYNAMNBR=100 to the 
V4.92a- 10/16/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - Fix for space allocation for FORMAT RTF work 
data set (missing allocation unit - tr) 
- Fix for MSGT length (if very long lines) 
XMITIPI - Change to save/restore margins in all places 
XMITIPSP - Updated to version 1.00 from 0.xx level as it 
appears stable 
- Added COMBINE option to combine KEYV separations 
for each e-mail address who may receive multiple 
KEYV separations. 
** Thanks to David Clark and Brad Lawrence for their
assistance in testing and validating this update 
- panel updates 
XMITIP - Change label Attachment Name to File Name 
XMITIPIF - Change to include margins entry 
- misc updates 
XMITIPSP - Changed EXEC step to add DYNAMNBR=100 to the 
V4.92 - 10/09/03 
- exec updates 
SDSFEXT - Correction thanks to Rick Turnbull for FILTER STEPNAME
TXT2RTF - Correction if left margin not specified 
XMITIP - Test for <HTML in record 1 and 2 to support HTML files
created by B2H 
XMITIPI - Correction if format ?xxx entered on panel 
XMITIPPD - Updated to inform user to call txt2pdf directly 
but then calls TXT2PDF 
XMITIPSP - Strip trailing blanks from sepval and thus 
improve key detection and separation. 
Thanks to David Clark of Brown University 
- Add new REPORT DD to contain the XMITIPSP processing 
- Report when duplicate FILENAME or SUBJECT keywords 
- Improve reporting when sending reports 
- Exit with messages if SEPLOC or SEPPAGES specified 
and input data has no CC in the DCB RECFM 
- panel updates 
XMITIPF3 - minor update (remove vput) 
V4.90 - 09/30/03 
- exec updates 
TXT2HTML - add CONFIG file support 
TXT2RTF - detect recursive CONFIG files 
- correct if first record is skip to channel 1 
with no text 
XMITIP - Support TXT2HTML config file option 
XMITIPCU - Minor change in format for antispoof text 
XMITIPI - Correct File Attribute Settings (e.g. nostrip) 
- Support TXT2HTML config file option 
- panel updates 
XMITIPF1 - Update for TXT2HTML Config option 
XMITIPF6 - Update for TXT2HTML Config option 
XMITIPHH - Update for TXT2HTML Config option 
XMITIPZH - Update for TXT2HTML Config option 
V4.88a - 09/26/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIPI - Correct code to pass IGNORECC and IGNORESUFFIX to XMITIP command 
  V4.88 - 09/25/03 
- exec updates 
GET - Removed as this Edit Macro is obsolete as of 
OS/390 2.10 
LDAPMAIL - Added as required for use with SMTPRTN 
SMTPRTN - Updated to reflect dependency of LDAPMAIL 
- Add more explanatory text 
SMTPSTAT - Updated to report in detail on local mail 
- enhanced report with more time stamps 
- enhanced csv with more time stamps, local mail 
details, and changed the order of the fields 
to have the date/time first 
TXT2RTF - ***NEW*** 
- Performs the Text to RTF conversions 
includes an optional ISPF prompting panel if 
called with no options 
XMITIP - Issue "No Message Test - File xfer Only" if 
applicable with antispoof 
- Support FORMAT RTF/DS: and RTF/DD: 
- Now calls TXT2RTF for RTF conversion processing 
- Correct machine cc processing for rtf for 89 and 8B 
- If the input file is already in rtf format then 
don't convert it again 
- Support new RO (Read Only) option with Format RTF 
** thanks to a suggestion by D. Tyler Koyl 
- If the input data set is in error issue an 
error message and exit 
- Add support for new Format ICAL (Internet iCalendar) 
- Add support for new FollowUp keyword 
- Allow /\ in MSGT to pass just the \ 
- Support blanks in file attachment names 
XMITIPI - Remove Deliver Setting Set message 
- Support new RO (Read Only) option with Format RTF 
- Support RTF Configuration option 
- Correct the saving of margins when using the ? 
prompt for Format from the attachment table 
- Change panel display XMITIPIF to use ENTER to continue 
- If multiple files test the formats and if all the 
same generate FORMAT *xxx 
- Fix repeat if using dsn then hfs file 
- Add support for new Format ICAL (Internet iCalendar) 
- Add support for new FollowUp keyword 
- Support blanks in file attachment names 
XMITIPIC - New exec to build iCalender files outside of XMITIPI 
XMITIPID - Add option to always test address (for testing) 
- Change the LDAP mail address lookup to reference 
the preferredRfc822Originator= address as the 
ldap query may not return the correct default 
address first instead of using the mail= query 
XMITIPML - Change the LDAP mail address lookup to reference 
the preferredRfc822Originator= address as the 
ldap query may not return the correct default 
address first 
XMITIPSP - XMITIP Data Set Splitter Utility to preprocess 
a data set and internally call XMITIP to e-mail 
the split out reports. 
- panel updates 
LDAPMLP - added as this goes with the LDAPMAIL exec 
LDAPMLT - added as this goes with the LDAPMAIL exec 
TXT2RTF - added to support the TXT2RTF exec 
XMITIP - support for FollowUp 
XMITIPCP - New iCalender file prompt 
XMITIPFP - updated for Format ICAL 
- Support new RO (Read Only) option with Format RTF 
XMITIPF3 - Support new RO (Read Only) option with Format RTF 
- Support for TXT2RTF Configuration option 
XMITIPF8 - Support new RO (Read Only) option with Format RTF 
- Support for TXT2RTF Configuration option 
XMITIPHH - minor text change 
XMITIPHI - Added for Format ICAL 
XMITIPHR - Support new RO (Read Only) option with Format RTF 
- Support for TXT2RTF Configuration option 
XMITIPH0 - Support for Followup Help 
XMITIPIF - Change to continue on Enter and cancel on PF3 
XMITIPIM - Support for FollowUp 
- Change to continue on Enter and cancel on PF3 
XMITIPVP - New for use with XMITIPIC exec 
XMITIPXH - updated for Format ICAL 
XMITIPXQ - New FollowUp panel 
XMITIPXJ - Update to doc use of blanks in attachment names 
XMITIPZR - Support new RO (Read Only) option with Format RTF 
- Support for TXT2RTF Configuration option 
- installation PDS 
IVPJOB - Added step IVP1A to verify Followup 
- Updated step IVP2B to demonstrate the escape 
character of / before \ 
- Add step IVP4A to test filename with blanks 
XMITIPSP - Added as an example of using XMITIPSP on an 
IEHLIST report to send 3 pages.
V4.86 - 08/03/03 
- exec updates 
RECEIVE - Update to remind receivers to check my site for 
the current version before proceeding 
XMITIP - Correct when file attachment is PDF and the format 
was PDF - was not processed correctly 
XMITIPI - level change only 
- panel updates 
XMITIPF2 - correct config field to upper case 

V4.84a- 07/31/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIPMU - add quote 
- panel updates 
XMITIPXB - correct window size 
V4.84 - 07/30/03
- asm updates
SMTPEXIT - SMTPEXIT Assembler Source
EXITJCL - JCL to assembler and link SMTPEXIT
- exec updates
GENRFDBE - updated to allow testing for user comments
GENRFDBK - updated to test for user comments before sending
SMTPSTAT - add Mail Reject stats for mail rejected by the
XMITIPI - add additional comment to generated config d/s
- if Format is ?xxx then bring up prompt panel for xxx
- Change flow for format prompts to continue instead of
returning to the main panel
XMITIPZP - Correct Allocation for InfoZip with Block allocations
- panel updates
XMITIP - bypass requirement for msgds or file attachment
if a config data set specified
XMITIPF2 - add Margin entry fields
- add PDF Index
XMITIPF3 - add Margin entry fields
XMITIPF7 - add Margin entry fields
- add PDF Index
XMITIPF8 - add Margin entry fields
XMITIPIF - remove Margin and PDF Index
XMITIPXV - remove Margin and PDF Index
XMITIPXJ - remove &rc and &rca for attachment file options
XMITIPX3 - correct a typo
- installation PDS
PQ73031 - added information on this apar for z/OS 1.4
(loop in rexx socket initialization)
SMTPEXIT - documentation on how to customize and install
this SMTP Server Filter Exit
V4.82 - 07/10/03 
- exec updates 
TESTCU - update to valiate if using UDSMTP 
XMITIP - Add HLQ keyword when calling TXT2PDF 
- installation PDS 
IVPJOB - Changed to use SET symbolics for EXEC and LOAD libs 
- Added SET and DD's in the instream PROC for the 
TXT2PDF EXEC and LOAD (if TXT2PDF is not in the same
libs as XMITIP) 
- Added Step IVPZCC to test the CondCode exec 

V4.80 - 07/01/03 
- exec updates 
CONDCODE - Minor updates from Harry van Burik 
- Many updates from Ken Tomiak 
IVPJOB - added step IVPDU to test MSGDS with a OMVS file 
TESTCU - support new zipcont variable 
XMITIP - Correct x'00' translation for non-zip 
- Support USS files in MSGDS 
XMITIPCU - Minor cleanup in node setup routine 
- Add more uniqueness to zip_hlq for infozip 
- Add Tzone_NM from Kent Garrett for those sites 
that don't use GMT 
- New variable zipcont for zip continue option 
XMITIPI - Correct undefined variable atsrc when adding 
addresses to the address list 
- Correct a typo (dangling find) 
from Harry van Burik 
- support zip prompt continue using PF3 or Enter 
- Support USS files in MSGDS 
- panel updates 
XMITIPIZ - update to allow continue using PF3 or Enter 
XMITIPX2 - add info on MSGDS as a OMVS file 
 V4.78 - 05/27/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - support empty_opt of 2 for rc of 0 
- correct bug with comments in addrfiles 
- add ending period to zip_hlq if required 
- correct bogus comma in say command 
- support the node in antispoof 
- correct carriage control for txt2pdf input file 
- correct carriage control for txt2html input file 
XMITIPCU - change length test on msgid thx to Alain Janssens 
- support empty_opt of 2 for rc of 0 
- add node to antispoof message 
- comment about using the dotted ip address for the 
smtp server when using udsmtp 
XMITIPI - dynamically get STEPLIB if T2PINIT is in ISPLLIB 
for batch jcl. 
- fix for occasional atsigntc undefined 
- add single quotes around omvs files if the user 
does not provide them 
- installation PDS 
IVPJOB - updated step IVPI with outline and token for pdf 
STATJCL - changed temp space values (increased) 
- misc updates 
Users Guide updated to include reference to ASA and MACH keywords 
- panel updates 
XMITIP - change Message DSN field description 
- change thx to Alain Janssens to allow Y and N for 
4.76 - 04/11/03 
- exec updates 
XMITIP - version change only 
XMITIPI - update to change the way Page works 
- panel updates 
XMITIPX2 - update for Message DSN for Page 
XMITIPX3 - update for Page 
4.74 - 04/08/03 
- exec updates 
TESTCU - support new rfc_maxreclen variable 
- clean up display of site_disclaim 
XMITIP - Support new RFC_MaxRecLen option to Ignore, Warn, or 
Exit with an Error if the max lrecl exceeds the RFC 
limit of 998. 
- Support new &udate symbolic (returns date mmddyy) 
XMITIPCU - minor changes to clarify what needs to be customzied 
XMITIPI - support new rfc_maxreclen variable 
- support PAGE as an option in the Subject field to 
generate a page e-mail 
XMITIPZP - update for INFOZIP usage for the IEBGENER call to 
use alternate ddnames for sysin/sysprint 
* thx to Staaf Sivert 
- misc updates 
IVPJOB - updated step IVP2B to demonstrate &udate 
Added Usage Considerations section to the Users Guide 
with new example for using IF/THEN/ENDIF for conditional 
Updated Installation Guide with rfc_macreclen defined and clarified 
text in some areas. 
- panel updates 
XMITIPPG - new panel 
XMITIPXB - add &udate symbolic 
XMITIPXJ - add &udate symbolic 
XMITIPX3 - add &udate symbolic and PAGE option 
V4.72 - 03/28/03 beta 
- exec updates 
CONDCODE - updated to fix high_cond always 0 
TESTCU - removed references to b64_load 
- reorder report to match order variables are 
referenced in XMITIPCU and add the variable 
- change from Browse to View 
TXT2HTML - corrected font size and color usage for style 
sheet coding 
XMITIP - removed references to b64_load 
- correct usage when msg is in html format 
* now works with msg and file and in all cases 
XMITIPCU - removed references to b64_load 
XMITIPDS - removed references to b64_load 
XMITIPI - removed references to b64_load 
XMITIPID - removed references to b64_load 
- installation pds 
IVPJOB - added step IVPH to test HTML message text with file
V4.70 - 03/22/03 
- exec updates 
CONDCODE - added thanks to Ken Tomiak for use by XMITIP 
for symbolics &RC and &RCA 
XMITIP - added &jobnum symbolic thanks to barry gilder 
- new keyword of PAGE for sending paging text 
* when used MSGx and FILEx options not allowed 
nor is SUBJECT allowed 
- test empty_opt when message text file is empty 
- line up anti-spoof jobname 
- new &RC symbolic for use where ever symbolics can 
be used 
XMITIOF - added Address IOF 
XMITIPCU - add comments to antispoof comment block about use 
with PAGE 
XMITIPI - fully qualify XMITIP JCL dsname 
XMITIPMU - add quote by Don Rumsfeld 
- panel updates 
XMITIPGS - remove quotes from xmitip jcl dsname 
XMITIPXB - support &jobnum, &rc and &rca symbolics 
XMITIPXJ - support &jobnum, &rc and &rca symbolics
XMITIPX3 - support &jobnum, &rc and &rca symbolics
V4.68 - 02/14/03
- exec updates 
ALLOCGDG - updated doc at start of exec 
TXT2HTML - update to use CSS for page break so report prints 
properly (thanks to Barry Nichols) 
XMITBULK - Updated to support file and format options 
XMITIP - Support for variable &month and &month-n 
- Change to make the work dataset used with the 
SECURE setting unique 
- Correct processing for print-no-space for rtf and txt
also fixed x'01' and x'03' for txt file processing 
XMITIPI - Level/version change only 
XMITIPCU - restructure to move security set and antispoof set 
- panel updates 
XMITIP - minor change 
XMITIPCR - minor change 
XMITIPF2 - minor change 
XMITIPH0 - minor change 
XMITIPXB - Panel update for &month 
XMITIPXJ - Panel update for &month 
XMITIPXO - minor change 
XMITIPXP - minor change 
XMITIPX3 - Panel update for &month 
V4.66 - 01/15/03 
	- exec updates 
	XMITIP - add CONFIG keyword to support an XMITIP configuration 
	dataset and the CONFIGDD keyword 
	- make zip_dsn more unique 
	- add test for FROMREQ to test for FROM keyword 
	- correct problem with building dynamic dd names if the 
	exec starts before midnight and ends after midnight 
	(thanks to John Kamp) 
	- add ERRORSTO keyword to generate the ERRORS-TO 
	SMTP header 
	- Allow a max of 20 CONFIG/CONFIGDD recursions 
	XMITIPCU - new FROMREQ option to require a FROM e-mail address 
	in all XMITIP e-mail <========== 
	XMITIPI - add CONFIG keyword to support an XMITIP configuration 
	- Support new Execution mode of Config to build the user 
	Configuration file 
	- Allow new sequential config dataset if execution mode of 
	- Prompt if config file is to be replaced/overlaid 
	XMITIPMU - add Francis Bacon quote 
	- add a number of daffy definitions 
	- panel updates 
	XMITIP - Support for CONFIG keyword 
	- Support new Execution mode of Config 
	XMITIPCR - New panel to prompt to replace/overlay config file 
	XMITIPH0 - Support for CONFIG keyword help 
	XMITIPXO - Support for CONFIG keyword help 
	- Support new Execution mode of Config 
	XMITIPXP - Support new Execution mode of Config 
	- installation pds 
	IVPJOB - added step IVPN to test the CONFIGDD option 

V4.64e- 12/19/02 
	- exec updates 
	TESTCU - translate antispoof to return any / if used 
	XMITIP - translate antispoof to return any / if used 
	XMITIPCU - translate antispoof to change / to x'01' 

V4.64e- 12/19/02 
	- exec updates 
	XMITIP - fix when using Edit Message (emsg) keyword which then 
	lost all following keywords 
	XMITIPI - add debug to the report of the generated command 

V4.64d- 12/10/02 
	- exec updates 
	GENRFDBE - Minor updates 
	GENRFDBK - Minor updates 
	SMTPSTAT - Fix if no messages for a note 
	XMITIP - update to addressfile processing for append_domain if 
	the atsign var has more than 1 char defined 
	- change allocation unit for work d/s from sysda 
	to sysallda 
	XMITIPZP - support PKZIP/MVS passwords up to 80 characters 
	- installation pds 
	SERVER - Update for new RESOLVERUSAGE option and split into 
	two sections for OS/390 pre 2.10 and z/OS. 
	STATJCL - fixed position of last SYSTSIN DD 
	IZIPA - Sample ZAP JCL for InfoZip translation table 
	ASCII IBM-278 to ISO8859-1 (Swedish). 
	IZIPE - Sample ZAP JCL for InfoZip translation table 
	EBCDIC IBM-278 to ISO8859-1 (Swedish). 

V4.64c- 11/20/02 
	- exec updates 
	XMITIP - update to rtfxlate routine call thanks to Bill Lee 
	XMITIPMU - add one new quote 

V4.64b- 11/14/02 
	- exec updates 
	   XMITIPI - Fix for PDF format prompt if txt2pdf config file is blank
V4.64a - 11/05/02                                                    
      - exec updates                                                
        XMITIP   - Fix label for Proc_NoRTFXlate                    
V4.64 - 10/29/02                                                    
      - exec updates                                                
        XMITIP   - Fix from John Ellis to prevent always adding the 
                   append_domain in the addressfile                 

 V4.62 - 10/25/02          

** rollup of 4.61 beta                                                  
        - asm and load updates                                                  
          ENCODE64 - updated to resolve possible 0C4 if a null stem             
                     is encountered                                             
        - exec updates                                                          
          GENRFDBE - Feedback edit macro (generalized) *new*                    
          GENRFDBK - Feedback interface (generalized)  *new*                    
          SDSFEXT  - change to allow jobname of * for current jobname           
                   - allow multiple ddname's                                    
                   - allow stepname.ddname and stepname.procstep.ddname         
          SETSDSFK - support CSV option                                         
          TESTCU   - support feedback_addr keyword                              
          XMITIP   - support feedback_addr keyword                              
                   - support for default FORMAT syntax                          
                   - finally full support for addresses with blanks             
                     in the addressfiles now                                    
                   - support format pdf with txt2pdf config file                
                   - ** Note that NOSTRIP will only work if SMTP_SECURE         
                        is set in XMITIPCU to cause XMITIP to send the          
                        note using TSO TRANSMIT - see PN69319                   
                     OR if the file attachment is binary, xmit, or a            
                        zip format.                                             
                   - issue msg if NOSTRIP requested and not using               
                   - Enhanced murphy parse routine thanks to Gordon Todd        
                   - Report out murphy quote if using MSGT                      
          XMITIPCU - support feedback_addr keyword                              
          XMITIPI  - support FEEDBACK command to send feedback to               
                     address in the feedback_addr variable                      
                   - change to support default FORMAT syntax                    
                   - support format pdf with txt2pdf config file                
                   - issue msg if NOSTRIP requested and not using               
          XMITSDSF - support CSV option                                         
        - panel updates                                                         
          XMITIPFP - update for default FORMAT syntax                           
          XMITIPF2 - support txt2pdf config file                                
          XMITIPF7 - support txt2pdf config file                                
          XMITIPIF - minor syntax correction in INIT section                    
          XMITIPHP - support txt2pdf config file                                
          XMITIPH0 - add Feedback option                                        
          XMITIPXH - update for default FORMAT syntax                           
          XMITIPZF - new Feedback help panel                                    
          XMITIPZP - support txt2pdf config file                                
        - misc updates                                                          
          IVPJOB   - add step IVPM to test txt2pdf config file                  
          PN69319  - added APAR doc to explain why NOSTRIP doesn't work         
                     unless using TSO TRANSMIT (enabled using SMTP_SECURE       
                     in XMITIPCU)                                               
          SDSFEXT  - basic doc on using SDSFEXT                                 
          T2PCFG   - added sample txt2pdf configuration file                    
                     used by IVPJOB     

 V4.60 - 09/23/02

** rollup of 4.59 beta
The TXT2PDF elements have been removed from the XMITIP package and are now distributed as a separate package. If you wish to support Text-to-PDF conversions with XMITIP you will need to download and install the TXT2PDF package which you can find where you found this package or at http://www.lbdsoftware.com
- Documentation
Users Guide - replaced the table of contents to create a toc with hyperlinks when the word document is saved as a web page.
Install Guide -added the word doc version
- Support and Information
Mark Regan has created a listserv for mutual support:
Subscribe: xmitip-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Unsubscribe: xmitip-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
Post message: xmitip@yahoogroups.com
List owner: xmitip-owner@yahoogroups.com
- asm and Load changes
T2P* modules removed as they are now packaged separately with the TXT2PDF package
XMITB64 - removed as no longer used
- exec updates
SDSFEXT - update to add jobnum argument support
TESTCU - support msg_summary keyword
- support site_disclaim option
TXT2HTML - page counter correction
XMITIP - support for PDF security
- new message summary in the e-mail if anti-spoof
message is generated
- fix test for ignorecc (was misspelled)
- support site_disclaim option
- insure no null lines in MSG
- strip out trailing blanks in MSG and File attachments
- new NoStrip option added
- new NORTFXlate option
XMITIPCU - add msg_summary keyword
- add site_disclaim option
XMITIPI - support for PDF security
- new NoStrip option added
XMITIPZP - change sysprint allocation to dummy for infozip
TXT2HTML - updated to use inline panel and other minor changes
TXT2PDF - removed as it is now packaged separately in the
TXT2PDF package.
- misc updates
ANN450 - removed
IVPADDR - updated to make it clearer what address to use
IVPJOB - corrected e-mail address to be generic instead of mine
- updated comment about the SYSTCPD DD
STATJCL - updated to use txt2pdf to create a pdf report of
the SMTP statistics
- panel updates
TXT2HTML - removed - no longer used
XMITIPF2 - support new PDF security option
XMITIPF7 - support new PDF security option
XMITIPF9 - new panel for ZIPXMIT prompting
XMITIPHP - support new PDF security option
XMITIPH0 - support new NOSTRIP option
XMITIPH4 - new panel for tutorial on PDS security
XMITIPIF - support new NOSTRIP option
XMITIPXV - support new NOSTRIP option
XMITIPXW - support new NOSTRIP option
XMITIPZP - support new PDF security option

V4.58 - 08/05/02                                                      
      ** rollup of 4.57 beta                                          
      - Load updates  ** Note This IMPORTANT **  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<     
        ENCODE64 - updated load module from new source                
        ENCODE85 - deleted as this code is not used and will never    
                   be used                                            
      - asm updates                                                   
        ENCODE64 - updated source                                     
      - exec updates                                                  
        TESTCU   - add default_hlq                                    
        TXT2PDF  - correct bug in counting lines for pagination with  
                   carriage control (thanks to Sergey Makogonov)      
                 - other updates (thanks Leland Lucius)               
                 - support new hlq keyword                            
        XMITIP   - fix name-in-archive for FILEDD usage with InfoZip  
                 - support for addresses with blanks                  
                   (e.g. "group one"@host.com)                        
                 - add default_hlq support                            
                 - correction to pds member processing for filedd     
                 - correction to pds member processing for filedd      
                 - fix with NOCONFIRM not attaching file               
                 - pass hlq to txt2pdf                                 
        XMITIPCU - add default_hlq                                     
        XMITIPDS - add default_hlq to xmitipcu                         
        XMITIPI  - support for addresses with blanks                   
                 - add default_hlq to xmitipcu                         
        XMITIPID - add default_hlq to xmitipcu                         
      - misc updates                                                   
        IVPJOB   - added step IVPK to validate txt2pdf with watermark  

  V4.56 - 07/25/02                                                              
        - Includes 4.55 Beta Level                                              
        - exec updates                                                          
          SDSFEXT  - (new) used by STATJCL to call SDSF to extract              
                     LOGFILE data                                               
          SMTPSTAT - sort lists of users over limit and outside mail            
                   - add test to verify that the input is a logfile             
                   - change test for 2 counters to use datatype of NUM          
          TESTCU   - new zip_hlq variable                                       
          TXT2PDF  - MANY changes thanks to Leland Lucius                       
          XMITBULK - add subject to sending report                              
          XMITIP   - allow CAN in addition to CANCEL for Edit                   
                   - move EMPTY message from attachment into Message Text       
                   - support a form of name-in-archive for InfoZip using        
                     the zip_hlq and the name-in-archive name                   
                   - translate all nulls to blanks in all input files           
                   - correction to allow addressfile to/cc/bcc                  
                   - support Bold option for PDF font                           
                   - support &userid in an e-mail address                       
                   - support very long subjects - by inserting a new-line       
                     for every 79 characters resulting in a multi-line          
                   - if input is pdf and format pdf then don't convert          
                     to pdf (duh)                                               
                   - correction to a loop if FROM with no address               
                   - test addressfile/addressfiledd and                         
                     - report invalid entries                                   
                     - if no valid entries then exit                            
          XMITIPCU - new zip_hlq variable used for InfoZip                      
          XMITIPEM - Fixup messages                                             
          XMITIPFE - Don't overlay FORMAT if it is the same                     
          XMITIPI  - allow CAN in addition to CANCEL where used                 
                   - zip_hlq variable from xmitipcu                             
          XMITIPZP - Fix lrecl for InfoZip work file                            
        - misc updates                                                          
          STATJCL member of install PDS changed to use new interface            
        - panel updates                                                         
          TXT2HTML - minor update                                               
          XMITIP*  - color and minor text changes on many panels                
          XMITIP   - add filename back to panel                                 
                   - minor redesign                                             
                   - increase size for msgds                                    
          XMITIPED - add message                                                
          XMITIPF2 - add bold option for PDF font                               
          XMITIPF7 - add bold option for PDF font                               
          XMITIPIF - remove filename                                            
          XMITIPXT - change help panel for settings popup  

  V4.54 - 05/20/02  *** roll beta 4.53x levels into production level            
        - exec updates                                                          
          EDITMAIL - New ISPF Edit command to e-mail active edit data           
          SETSDSFK - add option for Zip                                         
          SMTPRTN  - added override dd input for address lookup                 
          SMTPSTAT - enhanced report with optional csv file output with         
                     daily stats                                                
          TESTCU   - add nullsysout                                             
                   - add deflpi                                                 
          TXT2HTML - updated to version 1.9                                     
                   - new NOADV option for double/triple spacing                 
                   - new page count in report                                   
                   - update HTML for older Netscape                             
                   - new Banner option                                          
                   - fix short input lrecl problem                              
          TXT2PDF  - major update to PDF conversion from Leland Lucius          
                   - indexing                                                   
                   - plus....                                                   
          XMITBULK - added to allow bulk mailing                                
          XMITIP   - fix HTML text processing                                   
                   - if format XMIT and input is not in XMIT then put           
                     into XMIT format                                           
                   - fix cc processing (again - minor change in do_cc routine)  
                   - fixed for ignorecc and listdsi for filedd                  
                   - fixed for pds members                                      
                   - fixed for temp files in filedd for bogus pds warning       
                   - add IGNORECC option                                        
                   - Thanks to Leland Lucius for:                               
                     - Support for PDF Indexing                                 
                     - Change to use ENCODE64 and ENCODE85 instead              
                       of XMITB64                                               
                   - Minor report enhancements                                  
                   - Move murphy quote to after signature and add               
                     Murphy says: before quote                                  
                   - THANKS to John Ellis for:                                  
                     - Support for UDSMTP mailer                                
                     - Support for sending all members of a PDS                 
                     - Change Helo, Mail From, Rcpt-to, quit, and data to upper 
                   - Support for Banner option for HTML formats                 
                   - Fix 3 instances where the font-size variable needed to     
                     be set                                                     
                   - Fix generated filename suffix by testing for               
                     valid suffix in the dsn first.                             
                   - Prevent infinite loop if CC or BCC specified               
                     and there are no addresses associated with                 
                     the keyword.                                               
          XMITIPI  - fixed for pds members                                      
                   - fix if cc/bcc on panel and using address table was         
                     missing panel cc/bcc if using cc/bcc from table.           
                   - Support for PDF Indexing                                   
                   - includes validation of index values                        
                   - Support for Banner option for HTML formats                 
          XMITIPCU - add nullsysout (used by XMIT routine)                      
                   - add default lpi (deflpi)                                   
                   - Rearranged variable settings into alpha order.             
                   - Add support for Data21's ZIP390                            
          XMITIPMU - Add new quotes                                             
          XMITIPPD - now calls TXT2PDF                                          
          XMITSDSF - fix applid test for delete of work dataset if              
                     using IOF                                                  
                   - support ZIP option                                         
          XMITIPZP - Fix for InfoZip with new Encode routines                   
                   - Add support for Data 21's ZIP390                           
        - panel updates                                                         
          XMITIP*  - all tutorial panels were updated                           
          XMITIPFH - ** deleted ** (replaced by xmitiph1)                       
          XMITIPFH - Add PDF Indexing info                                      
          XMITIPFI - Add PDF prompt                                             
          XMITIPF1 - add banner to format options                               
          XMITIPF2 - make font size default use xmitipcu value                  
                   - add deflpi                                                 
          XMITIPF3 - make font size default use xmitipcu value                  
          XMITIPF6 - add banner to format options                               
          XMITIPF7 - make font size default use xmitipcu value                  
                   - add deflpi                                                 
          XMITIPF8 - make font size default use xmitipcu value                  
          XMITIPHH - add banner to format options                               
          XMITIPHP - make font size default use xmitipcu value                  
                   - add deflpi                                                 
          XMITIPHR - make font size default use xmitipcu value                  
          XMITIPH0 - Add PDF Indexing info                                      
          XMITIPH1 - New format tutorial for File Attachment                    
          XMITIPH2 - New format tutorial for File Attachment                    
          XMITIPH3 - New format tutorial for File Attachment                    
          XMITIPIF - add option Never for ZIP Settings                          
                   - Add PDF prompt                                             
          XMITIPXB - correct &date definition                                   
          XMITIPXJ - correct &date definition                                   
          XMITIPXK - Minor text change                                          
          XMITIPXM - Add information on ZIP390                                  
          XMITIPXU - Add PDF Indexing info                                      
          XMITIPXZ - add option Never for ZIP Settings                          
          XMITIPX3 - correct &date definition                                   
          XMITIPZH - add banner to format options                               
          TXT2HTML - updated to version 1.7                                     
                   - new NOADV option for double/triple spacing                 
        - load updates <=============== Important                               
          - XMITB64 is now obsolete                                             
          - ENCODE64 added                                                      
          - ENCODE85 added                                                      
          - added InfoZip ZIP program to load library                           
          - added UDSMTP program to load library                                
        - asm updates                                                           
          - ENCODE64 added - thanks to Leland Lucius                            
          - ENCODE85 added - thanks to Leland Lucius                            
V4.53 - xx/xx/02  *** beta level                      

V4.52   - 02/07/02                                              
 - exec updates                                                 
   XMITIP  - several fixes                                      
           - fixed symbolics so concatenated symbolics works for
             all but those that support calcuation which are    
             &date, &day, and &sdate                            
           - filename generated for ddname was incorrect suffix 
             and now fixed                                      
   XMITIPI - level change only                                  

V4.51   - 02/06/02                                                     
 - exec updates                                                        
   XMITIP  - minor typo fix (margins in report)                        
           - allow symbolics to be used without spacing                
           - fix broken symbolic use of &date                          
             Now in subject & msgt will be mmm dd, yyyy                
                 and elsewhere will be mmddyy                          
           - fix MSGQ which was broken in 4.50 (sigh)                  
   XMITIPI - allow subject to be entered with single or double quotes  
             (but not both)                                            
   XMITIPID - make work dd random using time (mmss) instead of         
              random function                                          
   XMITIPPD - fix for data with cc but not in the data                 
            - updates to allow the generated PDF to be converted by    
              the Adobe Acrobat Palm OS Reader conversion tool         
              (so you can now read these on your PDA)                  
 - panel updates                                                       
   XMITIPX3 - update to reflect change for subject and for &date       
   XMITIPXB - fix minor typo                                           
   XMITIPXJ - fix minor typo                                           
 - misc updates                                                        
   FEEDBACK - added to the install pds as a sample JOB to              
              be used to send feedback on XMITIP                  
  IVPJOB   - minor changes, split IVPG into 2 steps         

  V4.50   - 02/02/02 GA                                                         
    ** change to skip from 4.46 to 4.50 because of the major                    
       changes in the ISPF interface to highlight that this isn't               
       just a minor update.                                                     
    ** New MSGT keyword to allow message text in the command                    
       (see users guide for specifics or ivp step ivp2b)  
       The ISPF Dialog message field may now contain a short message.                      
    ** Users of SDSFPAGE will need to get an updated version                    
       of SDSFPAGE which works with XMITIP to bypass the file                   
       attributes popup prompt. Version 1.21 or better.                         
    ** Change for PKZIP Version 5 and above.                                    
       - PKZIP Version 5 requires a minimum of 5.07E                            
    ** The obsolete REPORT keyword has now been removed. This keyword           
       was replaced by the FORMAT keyword a long time ago.                      
    ** New FORMAT options:                                                      
       - CSV and ZIPCSV                                                         
         attach an existing Comma Separated Value (CSV) file as a               
         text file with a csv suffix if filename not provided                   
       - GIF and ZIPGIF                                                         
         attach an existing GIF graphic file in binary format                   
         with a gif suffix if filename not provided                             
       - XMIT and ZIPXMIT                                                       
         attach an existing TSO Transmit XMIT file in binary format             
         with a gif suffix if filename not provided                             
       - HTML                                                                   
         Change to allow an existing HTML file to be attached without           
         doing the text to html conversion                                      
    Major ISPF Interface redesign:                                              
    - shorter/cleaner main panel                                                
    - popup for personal defaults (from, replyto, receipt, signature            
      dataset and murphy)                                                       
    - attachment setting on popup if attachment file specified on main          
      - only displays if the attachment dsn is changed or if the set            
        option requested                                                        
    - the generated command will now have file, fileo, filename, filedesc,      
      format and margins on separate records                                    
    - new execution mode option of Prompt which is like ISPF but                
      provides a confirmation option before calling XMITIP to send.             
    - display panel for zip method and zip password only if zip                 
      is requested                                                              
    - more validation on the panels                                             
    - change from ISPF Edit message to XMITI00 message member                   
    - new configuration option to define the margin specification               
      unit of Inches or Centimeters                                             
    - new option to Edit a message dsn                                          
    - revised tutorial - now more ispf like instead of scrollable               
    - removed the older fixed entry panels for cc and bcc as the                
      address table is cleaner and more flexible                                
      - panels xmitipi1 and xmitipi2 are now obsolete                           
  - msg changes                                                                 
    *** New Addition - ISPF Message Library                                     
  - misc changes                                                                
    Updated both Users Guide and Installation Guide                             
  - Install pds changes                                                         
    ANN450   - sample user announcement for version 4.50                        
    IVPJOB   - updated to test for sensitivity (steps 1-4)                      
             - changed %xmitip to xmitip to allow for testing of                
               compiled xmitip                                                  
             - added step to test GIF and CSV attachments                       
             - added step to test XMIT attachments                              
             - added step to test filedd with no format or filename             
             - added step to test message text (MSGT) keyword and               
               also test all symbolics                                          
    RECEIVE  - updated to support the new ISPF Message Library                  
    SAMPDISC - sample disclaimers I've collected                                
    SDSF     - updated for new option H for HTML                                
    SMTPRTN  - updated JCL and SDSF commands                                    
    SMTPRTND - updated for SMTPRTN changes                                      
    SMTPVFY  - added to test for proper SMTP installation                       
    TESTXMIT - updated to support the new ISPF Message Library                  
    TXT2HTML - users guide for TXT2HTML                                         
  - exec changes                                                                
    SETSDSFK - allow option H for HTML                                          
    SMTPRTN  - change to use SDSF Output instead of Status                      
    SMTPSTAT - updated to report on local nje deliveries                        
             - report the remote nodes that deliver mail to site                
    TESTCU   - add new conf_msg variable                                        
             - add new margval variable                                         
             - add new descopt variable                                         
    TXT2HTML - added this exec which is called by XMITIP to do the              
               text to html conversions                                         
             - add new tag to html file for a TOP link at the end of            
               the html document                                                
    XMITIP   - if Sensitivity is coded then generate a message within the       
               e-mail text at the top or bottom or not at all based on the      
               xmitipcu conf_msg varaiable.                                     
             - fix to allow input data for zip to have lrecl> 1024              
             - create a single subroutine for symbolics and support             
               &job, &userid, &sysid, &date, &sdate, &jdate, &day               
               for subject, filename, and filedesc                              
             - support new FORMAT options of CSV, GIF, XMIT, ZIPCSV,            
               ZIPGIF, and ZIPXMIT                                              
             - if no FORMAT then use FILENAME suffix to determine               
               the format (e.g. .txt = format txt)                              
             - if no FORMAT and no FILENAME then if attachment dsn              
               has a suffix of GIF, PDF, or XMIT then send as Binary            
             - bypass Text to HTML conversion if pre-existing HTML              
               file as detected by a  on record 1                         
             - use new DESCOPT setting to use either the dsn or ddname          
               for FILEDESC or use the FILENAME in FILEDESC                     
               (see XMITIPCU)                                                   
             - support multiple atsign symbols but use only 1st to              
               generate an address                                              
             - set all addresses to use the first atsign symbol                 
             - dynamically calculate space for work files using # records on    
               a 56000 byte track (rough calculation)                           
               - used for htmlwork, pdfwork, and zipwork                        
             - new EMSG (edit message data set) option                          
             - if ISPF Edit is requested and not invoked under ISPF             
               issue a message and terminate processing                         
             - support new margval variable that defines inches or              
               centimeters for the margin specification (which will be          
               converted to inches for actual usage)                            
             - report margins for rtf in provided units instead of              
               in rtf units (1440 = 1 inch)                                     
             - convert html conversion to use TXT2HTML                          
             - updates from Barry Gilder for FILEDESC symbolics                 
               &date, &jdate, &sdate, &sysid                                    
             - allow FILENAME and FILEDESC to use any/all of the                
               allowed variables (rather than just one)                         
             - add code from Rich Stuemke to make pdf and html temp             
               files more unique                                                
    XMITIPI  - validate sensitivity, importance, and priority                   
             - use new XMIT001 ISPF message                                     
             - support new FORMAT options of CSV, GIF, XMIT, ZIPCSV,            
               ZIPGIF, and ZIPXMIT                                              
             - The message field if > 1 word will generate a MSGT keyword
             - support new EMSG option on the panel                             
               - not valid for execution mode of Batch                          
             - use new XMITIPIA panel for personalization settings              
             - support new margval config option                                
             - validate colors and popup for correction                         
             - generated command now has file, fileo, filename, filedesc,       
               format and margins on separate records if required.              
             - support multiple atsign symbols but use only 1st to              
               generate an address                                              
    XMITIPCU - add conf_msg variable                                            
             - add new margval config option                                    
             - fix generated from address for atsign                            
             - add new descopt option                                           
             - support multiple atsign symbols                                  
    XMITIPFE - pass new option to XMITIPI of NOATTR                             
    XMITIPM  - new exec called by XMITIP for Sensitivity message text           
    XMITIPML - use new XMIT001 ISPF message                                     
    XMITIPMU - one new quote                                                    
    XMITIPDS - support for multiple atsign symbols                              
    XMITSDSF - support option H for HTML                                        
  - panel changes                                                               
    XMITIPI1 - ** removed                                                       
    XMITIPI2 - ** removed                                                       
    TXT2HTML - added panel                                                      
               This panel will invoke the TXT2HTML exec directly                
               so entry is via the panel.                                       
    XMITIP   - validate murphy                                                  
    XMITIPI  - redesign                                                         
    XMITIPIA - new personalization settings panel                               
    XMITIPIF - new attachment settings panel                                    
    XMITIPIZ - new zip settings panel                                           
    XMITIPIM - new mail delivery settings panel                                 
    XMITIPED - add subject to edit panel (display only)                         
    XMITIPFH - update about desc used for html title                            
    XMITIPFP - add help panel                                                   
    XMITIPH0 - added help for priority                                          
             - updates from Barry Gilder for FILEDESC symbolics                 
             - change to resemble more of a tutorial panel                      
    XMITIPXE - minor typo fix                                                   
    XMITIPXB - document symbolics                                               
    XMITIPXJ - clean up                                                         
    XMITIPXP - add Debug and Prompt                                             
    XMITIPXR - new panel - help for mail settings                               
    XMITIPXS - new panel - help for settings                                    
    XMITIPXT - new panel - help for attachment settings                         
    XMITIPXL - new panel - help for edit message dsn                            
    XMITIPF1 - redesign for background and text color                           
    XMITIPF6 - redesign for background and text color                           
    XMITIPPH - popup error for color                                            
    ... several more new panels for Format help  

  V4.46   - 11/26/01                                                            
  - misc changes                                                                
    SPOOF    - new member in the install pds to describe spoofing               
               and what XMITIP is doing to help counter it                      
    SPOOF2   - new member in the install pds to describe spoofing               
               and how to use the rewriteheader rules                           
               ** thanks to Matt from USPS for this information                 
    SMTPRTN  - added to the package (read member SMTPRTND)                      
    Install Guide - minor updates                                               
    User Guide - updated to clarify examples are generic                        
               - add MSG72, SIGDD and update ISPF Panel figure                  
  - exec changes                                                                
    TESTCU   - updated for new xmitipcu values                                  
             - add dataset validity test for zip and b64 load libraries         
    TESTXMIT - added libdef for ispllib (load)                                  
    XMITIP   - change for message in enriched text                              
             - support for new antispoof message option                         
               (see member spoof for more information)                          
             - fix hlq for batch for unqual data sets                           
               and if user has profile noprefix                                 
             - fix test for file gdg and dsn validation                         
             - code to validate format                                          
             - change space calc code                                           
             - support &SYSID in subject and filename                           
             - code to support font_size and def_orient from                    
             - change to work if compiled with IBM's Rexx Compiler              
    XMITIPI  - support lookup only option                                       
             - code to validate format                                          
             - change ldap lookup to ispf popup                                 
             - code to support font_size and def_orient from                    
             - if format ? then prompt and return to xmitip panel               
               - set the format prompt to a popup                               
             - change to work if compiled with IBM's Rexx Compiler              
               ** still needs work for this                                     
    XMITIPCU - new batch_idval for lookup only without validation               
             - support for new antispoof message option                         
             - support for timezones not on hour boundaries                     
             - new font_size default                                            
             - new def_orient default (Portrait or Landscape)                   
    XMITIPID - clean up ldap variables                                          
             - test for batch_idval of 3 and exit if so                         
    XMITIPDS - change to work if compiled with IBM's Rexx Compiler              
    XMITIPED - change to work if compiled with IBM's Rexx Compiler              
    XMITIPFE - change to work if compiled with IBM's Rexx Compiler              
    XMITIPML - clean up ldap variables                                          
             - fix for mistaken dup message                                     
    XMITIPMU - remove one more offending quotes                                 
             - add several new quotes                                           
    XMITIPPD - drop 2 variables to save some storage                            
    XMITIPZP - change PKZIP method to uppercase as PKZIP 5.0                    
               requires it be uppercase                                         
  - panel changes                                                               
    XMITIPH0 - add &SYSID to the panel (SUBJECT)                                
    XMITIPX3 - add &SYSID to the panel (SUBJECT)                                
    XMITIPXJ - add &JOB to the panel (FILENAME)                                 
    XMITIPFP - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF1 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF2 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF3 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF4 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF5 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF6 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF7 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPF8 - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPML - change for popup size                                            
    XMITIPMT - change for popup size                                                                                                      

  V4.45   - 10/09/01                                           
  - exec changes                                               
    XMITIP   - add space before each File: in report           
    XMITIPI  - level change only                               
    XMITIPPD - correction if no cc in pdf                      
    XMITIPZP - change to add -Text keyword for PKZIP when not  
               doing a ziptype of ZIPBIN                       
  - misc changes                                               
    - updated PQ50791 with final information on PTFs and doc   

 V4.44a  - 09/27/2001                                     
 - exec changes                                           
   XMITIPPD - fix rlse to release (sigh)                  

 V4.44   - 09/26/2001                                                     
 - exec changes                                                           
   XMITIP  - change to exit with return code of 8 when the error          
             is terminal                                                  
           - fix machine carriage control conversion for rtf              
           - remove name-in-archive message if not pkzip                  
           - issue informational message if name-in-archive not supported 
           - add support for &job in subject field                        
           - change *list-id* to "list-id"                                
   XMITIPI - support debug option as execution mode                       
           - clean up generated command cc format                         
           - fix copy of xmitip jcl to member if data set exists          
             and add ispf stats if a member                               
   XMITIPPD - corrections to handling of machine carriage control         
            - add dsorg(ps) to alloc for pdf output                       
            - add rlse to alloc for pdf output                            
   XMITIPMU - added 3 new quotes, change 1                                
   SMTPSTAT - fix some long lines of code to < 80 and clean up            
              the format of the limit value in the report                 
 - panel changes                                                          
   XMITIP  - add debug option along with ispf and batch                  
           - leave execution option the same as last used instead of     
             resetting to ISPF all the time                              
   XMITIPH0 - document the &job option in the subject field              
   XMITIPX3 - document the &job option in the subject field              
 - misc changes                                                          
   - Install Guide updated for minor typo for ispffrom and               
     for &job information                                                
   - updated PQ50791 with latest information                             

 V4.43   - 08/27/2001                                                        
 - exec changes                                                              
   XMITIPED - initialize null variable                                       
   XMITIPMU - replace 2 quotes and fix another                               
   XMITIP   - fix if under SAS under ISPF - VGET fails                       
            - change usage random() to right(time('s',2)""right(time('L'),4) 
              (one site using xmitip in batch had duplicates)                
            - test for empty attachment data sets and                        
             terminate with error message                                   
   XMITIPI  - add blank line to report after generated command               
   XMITIPCU - add empty_opt option                                           
   TESTCU   - support for empty_opt                                          
 - misc changes                                                              
   Install Guide updated for empty_opt                                       
   IVPJOB   - added step to test empty file attachment                       

  V4.42   - 08/01/2001                                                          
  - exec changes                                                                
    SMTPSTAT - add report for users over x bytes                                
    XMITIPI  - fix if no left margin specified then all ignored                 
    XMITIP   - version change only to match xmitipi                             
  - misc changes                                                                
    Added installation document (pdf format)   
    Changed format for html users reference guide (caused by use
	of Word 2000)

 V4.41   - 07/27/2001                                               
 - misc changes                                                     
   Documentation updated                                            
   IVPJOB   - in IVP0 step send changes member so I'll know what    
              level is being installed                              
 - changed execs                                                    
   SMTPSTAT - fix divide by zero if no e-mails over 1mb             
   TESTCU   - updated to report on disclaim variable                
   XMITIP   - fix for zipping block allocation data sets            
            - support standard disclaimer                           
   XMITIPI  - support for batch jcl submission                      
   XMITIPML - set value to null before table add                    
   XMITIPCU - update to add disclaim data set name variable         
   XMITIPMU - update to replace an objectionable quote              
   XMITIPZP - corrections for ISPZIP for sequential d/s             
              (thanks to Chris Greenha)                             
 - changed panels                                                   
   XMITIP   - support for execution mode (ispf or batch)            
              - default forced to ispf                              
            - moved Format higher in panel                          
    XMITIPH0 - update for execution mode (ispf or batch)       
  - added panels                                               
    XMITIPGC - job submission copy panel                       
    XMITIPGJ - job submission job statement specifications     
    XMITIPGS - job submission, browse, edit, or copy panel     
    XMITIPXP - popup help for ispf/batch                       

  V4.40   - 06/28/2001                                                        
  - changed exec's                                                            
    XMITIP   - add hlq for smtp secure d/s if no prefix                       
    XMITIPI  - fix ldap lookup                                                
    XMITIPID - fix in case user does not have OMVS segment for                
               LDAP lookup                                                    
    XMITIPML - correction to exec for startup                                 
             - correction to gldsrch call                                     
  - added exec's                                                              
    SMTPSTAT - to generate smtp usage statistics from IBM OS/390 SMTP         
               Server. See install pds member STATJCL for jcl.                
  - misc                                                                      
    STATJCL  - in the install PDS this is the JCL for running SMTPSTAT        
    XMITSTAT - brief doc on the SMTPSTAT                                      
  V4.39   - 06/14/2001                                        
  - changed exec's                                            
    XMITIP   - remove extraneous double quotes from envelope  
    XMITIPI  - change to match new level                      

  V4.38   - 06/08/2001                                        
  - update to panel XMITIPAT                                  
  - fix RECEIVE browse                                        

  V4.38   - 06/06/2001                                 
  - changed exec's                                     
    XMITIPCU - add charuse option (see member charset) 
    XMITIP   - use charuse option                      
    XMITIPI  - change level to match XMITIP            
    TESTCU   - add charuse to report                   

  V4.37   - 06/06/2001                                   
  - change RECEIVE to prompt for hlq and optional volser 
  - Change Exec's                                        
    XMITIP - move MIME charset to xmitipcu              
           - correct free of allocation after encoding  
    TESTCU - new xmitipcu char option                   
    XMITIPCU - new xmitipcu char option                 
    XMITIPDS - new xmitipcu char option                 
    XMITIPI - new xmitipcu char option                  
    XMITIPID - new xmitipcu char option                 

  V4.36  - 05/21/2001 - GA                                                      
  - was beta level 4.35                                                         
  - complete re-write of the documentation file                                 
    - saved as .doc, .html (with image3.gif), .rtf, and .txt                    
  - add support for binary hfs file attachments                                 
  - add support for GDG file attachments                                        
  - rename xmitiped (edit macro) to xmitipem                                    
  - new xmitiped edit macro that invokes xmitipfe                               
  - add testxmit member in install pds to test the new code via                 
    altlib and libdef                                                           
  - add support for atsign symbol                                               
  - add member PDF to the install pds to describe how to use the                
    XMITIPPD exec outside of XMITIP to create a PDF file.                       
  - add member DISTINFO to discuss how to use new capabilities for              
    distribution lists (aka AddressFiles)                                       
  - add member FRENCH for info on setting up the SMTP translation table         
    for the French language                                                     
  - add PDFXLTB  Build a national language translate table for XMITIPTR         
    from Felipe Cvitanich                                                       
  - add SMTPXLTB Build a national language translate table for SMTP             
    from Felipe Cvitanich                                                       
  - Updates to execs:                                                           
    - New exec, ALLOCGDG, added for use by XMITIP and XMITIPI                   
    - XMITIPI to support new panel option of AddressFile                        
      - addressfile (saveaf, loadaf) are saved in the address table             
      - blank out the addressfile field when exec starts                        
      - SAVEAF option to save selected addresses to an AddressFile              
        data set.                                                               
      - LOADAF option to load the addresses from an existing                    
        AddressFile data set.                                                   
      - in the address table                                                    
        - B will Browse the AddressFile                                         
        - D will remove an AddressFile without deleting the data set            
        - E will Edit the AddressFile                                           
        - L will work the same as the LoadAF command                            
        - R will allow the description of the addressfile to be revised         
        - S will select an AddressFile to use                                   
      - change sort order for the address list from name to address             
      - support the atsign symbol                                               
      - support GDG file attachments                                            
      - change format prompt to selection panel and individual panels           
        and to process inflow instead of returning to the panel                 
      - when adding addresses to the address table from to/cc/bcc               
        capitalize first letter of each word of name                            
    - XMITIP                                                                    
      - fix if a null record in binary attachment                               
      - change allocation for zipwork file                                      
      - enhance the XMITIP report                                               
        - more information on attachment formatting                             
        - include murphy                                                        
        - clean up                                                              
      - fix append_domain                                                       
      - support GDG file attachments                                            
      - support the atsign symbol                                               
      - support binary hfs attachments                                          
      - change location for limit count for zip files until after               
        the base64 encoding                                                     
      - test filename suffix and format for consistency                         
        and warn if a possible mismatch                                         
    - XMITIPEM - update to turn Recovery Off                                    
               - renamed from XMITIPED                                          
    - XMITIPED - new command to invoke XMITIPFE                                 
    - XMITIPZP - fix for zipdsn for ISPZIP routine                              
    - XMITIPID - support for atsign symbol                                      
    - XMITIPDS - support for atsign symbol                                      
    - XMITIPCU - support for atsign symbol                                      
               - round timezone to nearest hour (don't ask)                     
               - new ISPFFROM variable to control the ISPF Dialog               
                 if set to 1 then the From Address is required                  
                 (shipped set to 1)                                             
    - XMITIPMU - an additional quote and clean up 2 others (misspellings)       
    - TESTCU   - support for atsign symbol                                      
  - Updates to panels:                                                          
    - XMITIP   - add new field for AddressFile (addrfile)                       
               - if XMITIPCU variable ISPFFROM is 1 then require                
                 a from address                                                 
    - XMITIPAH - add help for SaveAF and LoadAF, L and S                        
    - XMITIPAR - popup for Addressfile Revise                                   
    - XMITIPAS - popup for Addressfile save (SaveAd)                            
    - XMITIPAT - add SaveAd and LoadAd options and L (loadaf) selection         
    - XMITIPFP - updated to clean up                                            
    - XMITIPF1 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPF2 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPF3 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPF4 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPF5 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPF6 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPF7 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPF8 - new: format specification                                      
    - XMITIPH0 - add tutorial information on AddressFile and                    
                 additional cleanup/clarifications                              
               - add info on &date, &jdate and &sdate in filename               
               - add comment that zipass may not have blanks                    
    - XMITIPLA - popup for Addressfile load (LoadAd)                            
    - XMITIPXC - new popup for Addrfile field                                   
    - XMITIPXH - cleanup/tweaking                                               
    - XMITIPXI - add comment that zipass may not have blanks                    
    - XMITIPXJ - add &date &jdate &sdate to filename keyword                    
    - XMITIPX1 - mention * as option in Recipient field       

V4.34  - 03/23/2001 - GA                                 
  - Updates to execs:                                      
    - XMITIP to fix invalid hlq for the AddressFile dsname 

V4.33  - 03/20/2001 - GA                                              
  - Updates to execs:                                                   
    - XMITIP to support HFS file attachments (keyword: FILEO) and       
             to correct filename/format/margin/etc when FILE and        
             FILEDD and now FILEO are used.                             
           - also fix blank/null records for pdf conversion             
    - XMITIPI to support HFS file attachments                           
    - XMITSDSF to support file format option and fix applid test        
    - GET changed to test for level of ISPF and if ISPF V5 then         
      use the Edit COPY command (faster and less overhead). Also        
      issue a message to tell the user to just use COPY.                
    - Add SETSDSFK to simply set the PFK for use by XMITSDSF            
    - Add MAILFILE to be used from DSLIST or ISPF 3.4 to pass a         
      data set name to XMITIPI                                          
  - Update to panels:                                                   
    - XMITIPFI for hfs file attachments                                 
    - XMITIPXA for hfs file attachments                                 
  - Add steps to IVP for OMVS files                                     

V4.32a - 02/20/2001 - GA                             
  - Updates to execs:                                  
    - XMITIPFE, XMITIPI to set return code if canceled 
    - XMITIP change allocation of encodin dataset      

V4.32  - 02/12/2001 - GA                                         
  - Updates to execs:                                              
    - XMITSDSF changed to not delete the file if not under the ISF 
        applid (sdsf).                                               
    - XMITIPI to fix erroneous message in LDAP Lookup              
    - XMITIP to fix mail_relay (needed a colon)                    
    - XMITIPPD (thanks to Andy Robertson) to fix PDF translation   

V4.31  - 01/31/2001 - GA                                        
  - Updates to execs:                                             
    - XMITIPCU add file_suf for default file suffix and           
      ** any file without a format suffix or filename             
      ** will have a filetype of .txt                             
    - XMITIP update to                                            
      - support default file suffix (file_suf) and mail_relay     
      - change the SENDER to the from_default value (tso id)      
        (for trace back accountability purposes per my auditors)  
    - XMITIPI update to reflect level change                      
    - TESTCU update to file_suf and mail_relay                    
    - XMITSDSF changed to create filename with hours/minutes      
    - added doc on using XMITSDSF with IOF                        

V4.30  - 01/18/2001 - GA                                      
  - Updates to execs:                                           
    - XMITIPCU to add new default variable for paper size       
    - XMITIPPD to add update to support national language better
    - XMITIP to utilize the new default paper size              
    - XMITIPI to report if the sigdsn doesn't exist             
      - test for recursive invocation success and report error  
        (e.g. profile full)                                     
    - TESTCU updated for new variable paper size                

V4.29  - 12/21/2000 - GA                                                
  - Add Exec XMITIPFE to act as a front end interface to XMITIPI          
  - Add EXEC XMITSDSF to be used under SDSF and calls XMITIPFE            
  - Update to XMITIPI to test for the signature dsn                       
  - Update to XMITIP to reflect level change because of update to XMITIPI 

V4.28  - 12/13/2000 - GA                                               
  - Updated Execs: TESTCU, XMITIPCU, XMITIPI and XMITIP                  
    to support alternate Return Receipt header statements via XMITIPCU   
    settings.  Choice of Return-Receipt-To or Disposition-Notification-To
    (Lotus notes likes the 2nd)                                          

V4.27  - 12/06/2000 - GA                                           
  - Update to Exec: XMITIPPD to fix parse logic for dsn with RM or LM
  - Update to Exec: XMITIPI to allow this exec to be open in multiple
  - Update to Exec: XMITIP to utilize new variable create_dsn_lrecl  
  - Update to Exec: XMITIPCU for new variable create_dsn_lrecl       
  - Update to Exec: TESTCU                                           
V4.26  - 11/28/2000 - GA                                           
  - bug fix to exec's XMITIP and XMITIPI                             

V4.25  - 11/22/2000 - GA
  - add option to batch_idval for ispf only ldap validation
  - Update to fit columns 1-72 for most execs
  - Update to XMITIPPD by Andy Robertson to:
    - correct translate table for control characters
    - remove trailing blanks (note xmitiptr is still used to translate
      the text)
  - fixed the widthXheight for rtf and pdf to be consistent
  - replace the XMITB64 C command with an Assembler version written by
    Mark Feldman. This code works in all environments and is not
    dependent upon the level of the IBM C runtime library.
  - updates to XMITIPCU for the XMITB64 load module location
  - addition of support for validation of e-mail addresses for those
    local to your enterprise using a LDAP query.  Customizations
    required in XMITLDAP (new) for local settings.
  - changed to move the pdf ebcdic->ascii translate table to new exec
    xmitiptr to allow local customization (e.g. for the UK Pound)

V4.22 - 11/04/2000 - GA Level                                 
  - fix default margin for rtf and pdf                        
  - add ivp step for margin testing                           

V4.21 - 11/03/2000 (beta level)                                            
- redo the keyword parse for better effeciency                
  - will now support a MSGDD ddname of MSGDS or vice versa    
  - ivpjob redone to add step name to subject lines           
  - add font-size option to format html                              

V4.20 - 10/12/2000 (GA Level)                                               
- add support for InfoZip                                           
- change to use C compiled program XMITB64 to do the MIME encoding  
  to improve the speed of encoding.                                 
  *** Note this means that the load module must be in your          
      ISPLLIB, STEPLIB or Linklist.                                 
- fix when processing the xmitipfp selection for text               
- on xmitip panel if filename then require file                     
- support new keyword of HLQ                                        
  used for batch when there is no tso segment                       

V4.16 - 09/18/2000 (beta only level)                                                 
- fix enrich setting if sending html attachment

V4.15 - 09/15/2000
 - fix to rtf formatting to allow C/C++/Java to format correctly 
   (allow the { } and \ characters to work)

V4.14 - 08/29/2000
 - fix the fix (sigh) 

V4.13 - 08/29/2000 (GA Level)
 - minor fix to xmitipi (ISPF Interface) for margin keyword generation for single pdf 

V4.12 - 08/07/2000 (GA Level)                                            
 - fixed zip of plain text                                                
 - add subject to xmitipi generated report                                
 - additional minor cleanup                                               

 V4.11 - 08/07/2000                                                       
 - removed panel XMITIPXC                                                 
 - removed mention of ASA or Carriage Control option from XMITIP and from 
   the ISPF dialog (will use DCB)                                         
 - fixed machine carriage control for RTF                                 

 V4.10 - 07/13/2000                                                       
 - update to xmitippd from leland lucius to support machine carriage      
 - added doc about ibm apar for @ national language support               
   (nothing implemented in xmitip yet about this)                         

 V4.10 - 07/12/2000                                                       
 - add support to convert text/reports to Adobe Acrobat PDF attachments   
   using exec XMITIPPD provided by Leland Lucius and customized for       
   XMITIP usage.                                                          

  V4.07 - 07/11/2000                                                       
  - add support for Machine Carriage Control thanks to code provided by    
    Rich Stuemke (rstuemke@ILSOS.NET)                                      

  V4.06 - 07/05/2000                                                       
  - update xmitipds edit macro to prompt for to/from addresses             
   and report type (text or rtf)                                          
  - fix plain zip                                                         
  - allow paper or heightXwidth (e.g. 8.5x11)                             
  - if filename ends with .htm or html then set type=enrich               

  V4.05 - 06/08/2000                                                    
  - fix another extraneous trace and fix a broken msgds (sigh)          

  V4.04 - 06/08/2000                                                
  - remove trace statement left by accident (memory failure) in 4.03
  - delete zip work datasets if zip fails                           

  V4.03 - 06/05/2000                                                      
  - update to xmitipcu to remove test for invalid default from address    
    (this will occur in xmitip if necessary)                              
  - update to xmitipi to not pass the format specification from the panel 
    if the file attachment dsn selection is displayed                     
  - update to xmitip to enable debug mode with msgds of *@ and not        
    require a dsn                                                         

  V4.02 - 06/01/2000                                                      
  - fix a font size of x.x in rtf conversions                             
  - update TESTCU to run in batch                                         

  V4.01 - 05/30/2000 (released level)                                     
  - update to xmitipzp to test for negative rc after zip                  
  - support size_limit of 0 (in xmitipcu)                                 
  - update xmitip to support temp d/s in addressfiledd                    
  - update xmitip to correct a bug with RTF conversions for ASA           
    attachments with the very first line of the first page                

  V4.00 - 05/11/2000                                                        
  - set as production level (all reported bugs fixed and no new reported)   
  - add IVP job and fixed problems that this job highlighted                
  - include TESTCU from Dana Mitchell to display the XMITIPCU values        
    after the local customizations have been made as a verification step.                                            
  - major revision to support ZIP'ing attachments                           
    - new format values of ZIP, ZIPRTF, and ZIPHTML                         
      to cause the file or converted file (rtf, html)                       
      to be zip'd after conversion and then attached                        
      in binary.  This requires that the zip product                        
      and library be defined in xmitipcu.                                   
  - support for ISPZIP along with PKZIP                                     
  - several updates to xmitipcu for size, interlink and zip.                
  - *** Redo the File Attachment Table *************                        
    - the table will be dynamically converted but some                      
      information will be lost during the conversion.                       
      Specficically the REPORT (style, type, paper)                    
  - support for Interlink TCPAccess SMTP                               
    - thanks to Dana Mitchell                                          
  - add new FILENAME keyword and remove that function                  
    from the FILEDESC keyword                                          
    - will dynamically convert existing FILEDESC usage                 
      and inform the user                                              
  - if a FILENAME is not coded and a attachment dsn is                 
    dsname(member) then the attachment name will be                    
    member.suffix where suffix is appropriate to the                   
    attachment type.                                                   
  - add size limit (in xmitipcu) and test in xmitip                    
  - lntegrated suggestion from Leland Lucius for converting            
    during the HTML conversion the characters <>&" into                
    < > & and " so that they will display               
  - replace the REPORT keyword with FORMAT keyword                     
    - will dynamically convert existing REPORT to FORMAT               
      and tell the user about the change                               
  - add ZIPPASS keyword for ZIP encryption password     
  - some additional minor cleanup                       

  V3.14 - 04/05/2000
  - clean up 3 confirmation messages if noconfirm specified

  - allow @address:@address
    - this was being prevented by update in 3.10 to prevent multiple @
  V3.13 - 03/31/2000
  - add DEBUG option as well as MSGDS of *@... to enable debug
  - in xmitipi fix bcc being replaced by cc
  - in xmitip allow a To: of 'list id' or "list id" to be used
    for a list name and not an address

  V3.12 - 03/29/2000
  - add &TIME as a special keyword in Subject.

  V3.11 - 02/22/2000
  - addition of member NOTIFY from Paul Wells.  This allows you to
    route the SMTP Logfile to OPS/MVS which will then process the
    logfile and issue messages to the user about incoming mail.
  - addition of member IEFDB401 from University of Florida (NERDC)
    which has been modified by Lionel Dyck (thus blame me if it
    doesn't work).  This is a dynamic allocation exit that will
    issue TSO Notification messages for incoming mail.

  V3.10 - 02/07/2000
  - added field level help to the ispf dialog
  - move from default setup to xmitipcu
  - new option for append_domain if user enters address without
    a @domain.  set in xmitipcu and only used if non-null
  - change filedesc to allow file-name/file-desc
  - change to only honor columns 1-72 for addressfile and
  - several bug fixes
  - additional validation test for multiple @ in address
  - add support for &DATE, &DATE-n, &DAY, and &DAY-n
    - support multiple &date and/or &day in subject
  - add scrname to xmitip and xmitipi select cmd.
  - **Change to File Attachment Processing**
    - if the style contains a period then the style will be assumed
      to be a filename and will be used for the name of the
    - the file attachment table now retains all referenced
    - this is now a selection table - only those files selected
      will be sent this session
    - if the table is in the old format it is dynamically
      converted to the new format
    - change to force no Text-Enter when editing the *create*
    - added the example GET Edit Macro
    - add test for file attachment table to insure at least one
      file is selected

  V3.03 - 01/17/2000
  - Support for file attachment dsname of *create* which can be
    used to create and edit file attachments (useful for html
    and rtf attachments)
  - Support for html text color as a REPORT parameter
    e.g. REPORT htm/html/red
    - colors can be abbreviated to the shortest common sequence of
      letters - see the help panel or the code
  - fixed several undefined variable problems
  - Use custom ISPF Edit Panel so the user knows they are entering
    a message or an attachment.
  - eliminate the dynamic creation of the edit macro and altlib
    by moving the macro into exec XMITIPED

  V3.00 - 01/03/2000
  - Support for HTML attachments
    - converts text files to basic HTML format
    - support for ASA carriage control
  - Support for Binary attachments
    - input file is converted to mime without any other
      form of translation
  - Improved ASA carriage control handling
    - support added for + (no space) by merging current record
      with prior record (only non-blanks merged)
    - carriage controls other than 0,1,+,- and blank treated
      as 0 (double space)
    - If specified then honored for ALL file attachments
    - If not specified then honored based upon DCB RECFM
  - Support for new options
    - Importance
    - Priority
    - Sensitivity
    - Receipt
      - Return Receipt address
    - Filedesc
      - File Description option (support by some mailers)
    - Murphy (cute saying added at the end of the text message)
  - Allow an address to be specified as "first last" 
  - moved more local customizations to XMITIPCU
    - add support for external writer name
  - Improved error checking for input files
  - Improved ISPF dialog
    - improved address selection table dialog
    - improved (new) file attachment table dialog
    - support for other new options

   V2.42 - 10/14/99  fix counter if nomsg and sig      
   V2.41 - 10/06/99  a few bug fixes 
               - add content-description for pegasus
   V2.40 - 10/03/99 moved most custom values into XMITIPCU exec.
   V2.34 - 10/01/99 support noprefix for msgds * tem dsname                   
            - remove paragraph after newpage
   V2.33 - 09/24/99 add SIG support
   V2.32 - 09/24/99add routine to dynamically get the time offset from gmt
   V2.31 - 09/10/99 minor fix to wording in error msg
   V2.30 - 09/10/99 add error message about data
                            longer than 1024 (max smtp supports
            - add secure option to use TSO Transmit instead of direct sysout
    V2.00 - 06/23/99 major revision including ispf dialog and rtf attachments
             -  ? for first parameter to list help. 
             -  additional cleanup and doc
             - add more reporting on actions 
             - new keyword MARGIN
             - make ASA default is recfm is A  
             - new keyword REPORT with options style, font-size, paper
             - add REPLYTO keyword
             - cleanup in 'help' 
             - if userid has @ warn .... (only when no from is specified)
             - add QUIT to smtp stream
    V1.00 - 04/15/93:  redo XMITVM (created 9/21/90) for SMTP and rename to XMITIP           



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