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This page contains some of my documentation and a few of my SHARE presentations (in Adobe Acrobat format) for those who didn't get to see them at SHARE, didn't pick up a copy of the handout, or didn't download a copy from the SHARE web site.

IBM OS/VU IBM's OS/VU Announcement and discussion thread
ISPF Developer Tips and Tricks Guide for ISPF Developers - Version 1.7
RUNC Users Guide User's Guide for RUNC - Version 3.1.
SetClip Users Guide User's Guide for SetClip.
PDSEGEN User's Guide User's Guide for PDSEGEN.
System Library Manager (SLM) Users and Install Guide The System Library Manager, SLM, User's and Installation Guide. This tools is for managing members of concatenated system libraries like the System Parmlib and Proclibs.
TXT2PDF User Guide

The Text-to-PDF Users Guide descibes how to use both the TXT2PDF ISPF interface as well as the command line interface.

XMITIP User Reference Guide

The XMITIP Users Guide describing how to use the XMITIP E-Mail application.

XMITIP Installation and Customization Guide

The Installation and Customization Guide for XMITIP (note that this will not tell you how to install and configure OS/390 or z/OS SMTP).

OS/390 REXX Introduction This document is the handout for the OS/390 REXX Hands-on-Lab that I have conducted at several SHARE conferences.
SDSF Extract Users Guide User's Guide for the SDSFEXT (SDSF Extract) utility.
ISPF Tips My SHARE presentation that discusses a number of tips on writing an ISPF application using OS/390 REXX. This utilizes a sample ISPF application. The source can be found here.
ISPF and the REXX Compiler Article on how to use ISPF with compiled REXX.
FTPBatch ISPF Dialog User's Guide for the FTPBatch ISPF application.
Tools and Toys My SHARE presentation is an overview many of the tools contained on this web site.
CSVEdit Users Guide Users Guide for the CSVEDIT tool.

Users Guide for EDITPAGE and SDSFPAGE.

PLPISPF Users Guide

Users Guide for PLPISPF - the simple to use ISPF User Menu package.

CAVXTRT Users Guide Users Guide for the CAVXTRT ISPF application.
Setting up a z/OS SMTP Server A quick start at setting up an SMTP Server on z/OS



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